Kidney 8: Jiaoxin – Exchange Belief

Kidney 8 - Jiaoxin - Exchange Belief
Kidney 8 - Copyright

Kidney 8, Jiaoxin, Exchange Belief, is the eighth point on the Kidney acupuncture channel. However, it is also an important point on the Yin Xiao Mai ‘extraordinary’ vessel.


On the medial leg, 2 cun proximal to the medial malleolus, half a cun posterior to the tibia, or half a cun anterior to Kidney 7. It is often possible to find it between two small muscles at this point ie anterior to the flexor digitorum longus.

This puts it about half-way between the posterior border of the tibia and the point Kidney 7 Fuliu.


Needle to a depth of 0.5 cun and 0.75 cun.

Needle Sensation

Local distending sensation, often down to the big toe. 


Moxibustion Up to 7x

Action of Kidney 8

  • As Xi-cleft point on the Yin Qiao vessel this point stimulates its action in absorbing or clearing excess Yin including Yin-type conditions such as Damp and Blood stasis
  • Kidney 8 helps to clear the Yin Qiao Mai’s channel pathway of obstructions including the inner foot, leg and thigh, external genitals (male and female), the lower abdomen, including the uterus, the chest, throat, and medial side of the eye
  • Damp can manifest as oedema; abdominal fullness and swelling; abdominal noises (borboygmi); diarrhoea; difficult or painful urination; swelling, itch or inflammation of the external genitalia (the inflammation suggests Heat as well); dropsy; lungs full of phlegm; excess saliva
  • Blood stasis can appear in many forms of menstrual problems. These include irregular, absent, painful or heavy periods, abdominal masses: also in uterine bleeding.
  • Weakness, paralysis and atrophy of the muscles of the inner foot and leg
  • In regulating Yin, Kidney 8 can be used to help the ability to sleep (though the Yang Xiao Mai is more often associated with this)


We often overlook Kidney 8 because many other points seem to do the same thing. But when Damp or Blood Stasis is marked, as in oedema, urinary retention, or abdominal masses, this Vessel, and in particular this point on it, can be really effective.

For example, for ‘Damp’-type oedema, this point is as good as, if not better than Kidney 7.

However, it needs to be harnessed correctly, by using the master and coupled points of the vessel, together with other points as appropriate to the condition being treated.

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