Pericardium Luo Channel

The Pericardium Luo-connecting channel is an acupuncture channel. Its pathway explains why Pericardium 6 is such a useful point.

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Pericardium luo channel Symptoms

  • Fullness: pain in the chest
  • Emptiness: heart vexation: depressed, irritable, anxious, sad, weepy
  • Qi Stagnation: chest feels tight, constricted and uncomfortable
  • Blood Stasis: stabbing pains in the chest
  • Cold: tightness in the chest; pain in the chest which seems to radiate to the back; cold hands


Because this luo channel follows the Pericardium primary channel to the pericardium, it is hard to see the difference between it and the symptoms of the Pericardium itself.

The symptoms given above emphasise the importance of the point Pericardium 6, Neiguan in a variety of different conditions of the chest.

I think any trained acupuncturist would not rely on the few bald descriptions of when to us this protocol. Fullness pain in the chest is bursting and very uncomfortable. One could press the chest to see if that made the condition worse, which is what Fullness would lead you to expect.

Also, patients don't come in complaining of 'fullness' pain of the chest! So you have to delve a bit to reach a diagnosis.

And if a patient came in saying "I'm depressed, irritable, anxious, sad, weepy and feel my heart is vexed" I might wonder a bit!

However, that doesn't mean that Percardium 6 is the only point to use.

Although Pericardium 6 is excellent for depression and sadness, other Pericardium points are better for anxiety and some are just as good for Blood stasis, with symptoms like angina pectoris and palpitations. For example Pericardium 4, Ximen, the Xi-cleft point.

Personally I would test along the pathway to test which points were active, as per Stefano Marcelli's Active points test.

Also, I learned from Tony Evans that the way to use Ximen, Perciardium 4, the Xi-cleft point, was 'needle until smiles'! Ie needle it until the patient smiles!

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