Three Heater Luo Connecting Channel

The Three Heater luo connecting channel is an acupuncture channel. It helps to explain why Three Heater 5, Waiguan, is such a useful point.

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This is all part of Chinese medicine and its theory, especially channel theory.



  • Ascends the posterior aspect of the arm and shoulder then connects with the Pericardium channel in the centre of the chest.


Three Heater luo


Three Heater Luo symptoms

  • Fullness: cramps and spasms in the muscles around the elbow
  • Emptiness: lack of tone of the arm muscles
  • Qi Stagnation: sensation of distension in all three parts (upper, middle and lower) of the abdomen
  • Blood Stasis: pain that is lancinating or stabbing in all three parts (upper, middle and lower) of the torso
  • Heat: hot, painful wrist, elbow or shoulder joints


Comment on Three Heater Luo

The above symptoms of the three heater luo bequeathed by antiquity are short. That’s because they were just giving examples of the kind of most obvious symptom. 

They don’t tell you enough, mostly, to be sure of the diagnosis. 

For example, a lack of tone in the arm muscles will probably be Emptiness in this luo channel, but it could be due to Spleen and Stomach Qi and Blood deficiency.

This would manifest not just in the arms muscles but in muscles elsewhere in the body.

As regards the Qi Stagnation, probably the symptoms would worsen with emotional stress. This would help confirm the diagnosis and suggest ways to help the patient.

As with all luo channels, injuries along the Three Heater luo channel, such as with distended veins or signs of trauma, show that the channel is affected.

In this case, the channel’s luo point, Three Heater 5, should be added to other forms of treatment.


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