Qi level Intestines Dry-Heat

Coal Fire: burning heat as with Intetines Dry-Heat
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With Qi level – Intestines Dry-Heat the disease process has penetrated past the Wei level (the initial immune response level) into what is called the Qi level.

At this level, your body throws at the invader everything it can: this means, at the least, a high fever, as here (though with one of the other Qi level responses it alternates hot and cold, see list of other responses at bottom of the page).

Main symptoms of Qi Level Intestines Dry-Heat


What this means – pathology of Intestines Dry-Heat

The invading Heat has penetrated causing Intestines Dry-Heat, producing symptoms of abdominal heat and fire, causing dryness, fullness and burning, with fever worsening through the day. This affects the mind, producing irritability and even delirium.

The tongue’s redness shows Heat and its coating reflects the dry, burning heat in the intestines.

This syndrome is also produced by the body in response to the invasion of Cold, at the Bright Yang (or Yang Ming) stage of the Six Stages of invasion by Cold.


Aims of treatment of Intestines Dry-Heat

  • Clear, or drain Fire
  • Clear the Stomach and Intestines of Fire
  • Assist the body to descend or move Qi downward


Acupuncture treatment of Intestines Dry-Heat at the Qi level

For Intestines Dry-Heat, a number of acupuncture points, regularly treated, help the body to clear Heat and descend Qi, including

Large Intestine acupuncture channel
Large Intestine Channel

Herbal formula for Intestines Dry Heat

Tiao we cheng qi tang is the classic formula for Intestines Dry-Heat, although it is for milder constipation than described, and isn’t aimed so directly where there is ‘focal’ distension and abdominal fullness. Nevertheless, its main ingredient da huang can be increased if necessary, although with caution in the young, weak or elderly as it is very cold and draining.

Nutritional Advice for Qi level Intestines Dry-Heat

Avoid heating foods! See our page on Hot foods – avoid them! They’ll make you worse.

But although most ‘cold’ foods are better, resist the temptation to eat them chilled or frozen. Take them cooked and warm. And drink plenty of (warm) fluids, especially water.

What happens if you Suppress these Symptoms?

This is one of those symptom pictures where common sense leads most people to do the right thing!

  • Stop eating heating foods,
  • Drink plenty of water,
  • Possibly take a laxative,
  • Take gentle exercise that moves the legs and pelvis about the abdomen to encourage bowel movement – eg walking
  • and wait.


Avoid Other forms of Heat

It also makes sense to avoid very hot environments.

In addition, because in Chinese medicine there is a close link between the Small Intestine and your Heart, try to avoid anxiety or panic-provoking situations which might exacerbate your condition.

Medical Suppression of this syndrome

Unfortunately, so powerful is modern medicine that it can suppress these symptoms, leading, in effect, to trapping the invading heat pathogen within.

For example, although with Intestines Dry-Heat you are constipated, when your bowels do move, your stools will be smelly. Some people take medication to prevent this and the smell, so prolonging the constipation.

Then it will emerge later as an unconnected rash or state of restless anxiety, or worse, it will push the pathogen deeper into the next, the Ying or Nutritive level.

Here, it might for instance descend into the Ying Level with Heat in the Pericardium. That is a more serious condition.

However, most doctors would, I am sure, propose laxatives. In theory, these should help your body clear the Intestines dry-heat.

Other responses at this Qi level

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