Western Astrology and Chinese Medicine

Western Astrology and Chinese Medicine by Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott

Western Astrology and Chinese Medicine Reviews

Western Astrology and Chinese Medicine published first in 1986, and continues to sell.

The publishers translated it into quite a few languages, including Dutch and German, see pictures.

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There are many books explaining Chinese medicine and Chinese astrology – a lot more sophisticated than just knowing the Chinese symbol for your year of birth, such as year of the Rat for 2020!

But for Western astrology and Chinese medicine? Virtually none. Well, one – this one!

The author still gets letters and emails about the book from all round the world, for example from students of acupuncture asking for help with their theses.

Also people ask if he will interpret their chart – he won’t, in case you wonder, or at least only under special conditions and for extortionate sums of money. (Why? Because interpreting a chart takes a lot of time and a lot of experience.)

When the book originally published it was reviewed in quite a few journals.

Then Jonathan moved house and mislaid the file of Western Astrology and Chinese Medicine reviews!

Many people have written to him and if he can find the file containg their letters he might put up excerpts from them instead.

Click here for reviews. (By the way, the book is ONLY available in softback. It published many years before the internet became available, let alone Kindle.)

A recent chart, showing the positions of the Ascendant, Midheaven, Sun, Moon and planets and their positions in the zodiac signs and their inter-relationships at the moment of, and in the place of, the birth.

western astrology and chinese medicine
Example of an astrological chart

The chart above, an example of western astrology, is notable for several reasons.

It’s the chart for London England at 10pm BST on 23 June 2016. That was when the polls closed for the UK referendum to remain in or leave the EU.

It has two major planets in very sensitive positions on the chart. Just below the horizontal line on the left you can see a symbol for Pluto, a kind of P and L combined. Then next to the dark line running from roughly 11 o’clock to 5 o’clock at the 11 o’clock end is the symbol for Mars, a circle with an arrow emerging from it pointing up and to the right.

(YES, I know, if you’re a sceptic, this is all crazy talk! But on the basis of this chart and those planetary positions and the red square with diagonal lines across it, Jonathan predicted that, unlike almost everyone else he knew and pretty well all the political pundits at the time, Britain would vote to leave the European Union. He did this beforehand, not after.)

Someone born in London at that precise moment would tend to have powerful characteristics (that doesn’t necessarily mean a powerful character) and a rebarbative experience and approach to life and health, possibly including fevers, kidney problems and accidents or other trauma. They would probably have an interest in deep transforming processes in life and health matters.

However, depending on their background, it could instead become an interest in economy and politics, and the common good.


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