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Yang Deficiency
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At last! Someone reviewed Yang Deficiency the book!

But, as it was on Amazon, and they are somewhat strict about quotes from their site, I can’t tell you anything about it!

Click here for what people there say about the book.


Yang Deficiency – the Book

Together, yin and yang explain the universe.

Understanding them and how they work gives you the rudiments of wisdom.

In this book – you’ll read far more about this than there is on my site page on the concept. The book takes you into politics and community affairs, creativity and war. 

Oh, and your Health!

Now, July 2017, I’ve improved it and republished it for Kindle and Amazon.

  • Kindle edition 
  • Soft-back available on Amazon.com: you can read the Introduction and first two chapters before you buy it!
  • For some of my other books, see below.
Inspiration for Yang Deficiency the Book
The Sun – Photo by Daoudi Aissa on Unsplash

A little questionnaire!

Here’s a little questionnaire. You can take it before you read “Yang Deficiency – Get Your Fire Burning Again”, or do it after reading the book. Or both, and see how your view changes.

If you want to, contribute your suggestion/answer in the form below.

Here is the question. In increasing Yang energy (ie decreasing Yang Deficiency), what order would you place the following:

A. The Sun

B. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

C. Warm hands

D. An infant’s first smile

E. The draft from a butterfly’s wing

F. The Battle of Stalingrad

G. A chill

H. 42, or what was the question?


So, if you think that the infant’s smile is the most yang, that would be eighth (8), and if you think the Battle of Stalingrad is the least yang, that would be first (1st) on your list.

Is there a right order? Well … read the book and decide!


Your answers to the questionnaire?

How would you order them? Or do you have something else you’d like to share?


Yang Deficiency The Book – length

This is not a door-stopper of a book. It is about 34,000 words, give or take, so comparatively easy to read in a few hours. About 160 pages in soft-back form.

Yang Deficiency the book is not aimed at professionals like acupuncturists or practitioners of Chinese medicine (though it turns out that quite a few of them have read it!).

I hope it will be the kind of book that, if you know nothing about it, will help you make sense of this age-old concept and what it means in your life.

That includes recognising its action in life and the world, and knowing how to become less yang deficient!

Men and women can both be yang deficient. In fact we all feel yang deficient from time to time. Understand what it means, and you’re half-way to knowing what to do about it.


Yang Deficiency – the Book in Kindle form

If you have a Kindle, or have downloaded a free Kindle app for your phone, tablet or computer, you can download and read Yang Deficiency wherever you have access to the internet.

Of course, it is also available in a softback – printed – version.

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