Acupuncture and Anxiety
What's the Theory and
How Does it Work?

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Why should acupuncture and anxiety go together?

Let's think about this! Acupuncture and its theory go back at least 3000 years, maybe far more!

Acupuncture (both as a theory and a treatment) is part of Chinese Medicine, which some of the greatest minds who ever lived gave their lives to and which is being used worldwide more and more.

However, those ancient, and not so ancient, Chinese doctors didn't treat anxiety as such. They didn't describe it as 'anxiety'.

Instead they analysed and diagnosed each case in terms of Chinese medicine syndromes, which they did know how to treat successfully. 

If the syndrome treated was correctly diagnosed and treated then the patient got better, whatever Western description we might have given to the condition. For example ...

  • stress
  • panic attack
  • nervousness
  • apprehension
  • anxiety

Explaining Acupuncture and Anxiety

So to explain it we'll need to cover the various ways it can be diagnosed in Chinese Medicine.

Remember, if you want to receive acupuncture the way it's been given during the last, very successful, 3000 years, you need to see an acupuncturist who knows what he or she is doing. That means you'll need a PROPER consultation.

If you're lucky, he or she will be happy to explain their diagnosis and what you can do to help yourself, and what acupuncture can do to speed a reduction in your anxiety and panic or stress levels.

To give a flavour of the kind of words they may use, look at this flowchart below. Theoretically, if someone could answer all the questions on the flowchart correctly, the acupuncturist would arrive at a correct diagnosis and treatment.

You'll also need to know about Excess and Deficiency. Then it will begin to make sense and you'll understand how the process - with acupuncture and anxiety - works to your great advantage.

However, the diagnosis is not quite that easy!

Most people have several syndromes at the same time, so the answers aren't quite so obvious. Still, if you suffer from anxiety, let's see how you get on with it!

Start with where it says 'Anxious' then go through the flowchart to see where you end up.

(By 'palpitations' we don't mean what your doctor means. We mean, when at rest are you aware of your heart beating so that you can feel it, whether or not it's fast or slow?)

For explanation of these syndromes - the words in the square boxes - click the syndromes below.

OK - did you arrive at a conclusion?

In other words, did you end up in one of the square boxes where it says something like 'Heart Blood Deficiency'? Even if you did, don't assume that's the correct diagnosis. It might be only part of it.

Also ... No self-respecting acupuncturist would start treating on the strength of even fairly clear answers to the above questions. Some of the questions beg the question, such as asking you if you're moody: if you're anxious, you might well be moody! So the acupuncturist would check the diagnosis in other ways.

He'd assess you by asking other questions and then he would check your pulses and tongue, and possibly do other physical forms of examination, such as checking tension in your abdomen or back, to confirm the diagnosis. (Otherwise acupuncture and anxiety would be too easy, everyone would be doing it and nobody would ever be anxious.)

Only then, after explaining the diagnosis and getting your permission would he begin treatment.

Here are links to many of the syndromes mentioned in the flowchart (many of them help to explain more about acupuncture and anxiety):

One last point ... If you're anxious, you might not have any of these syndromes fully developed. They might be there, in the background and in time would become serious only if untreated.

And of course, if the source of your anxiety disappeared and you had time to recover, say during a long holiday with friends, or a period of quiet contemplation and meditation, say during a 'Retreat', or a week or two of spa treatment, the syndrome might never appear. 

However, once the syndrome does appear, it takes longer to shift, and you may find that acupuncture is very effective.

So don't panic. Help is at hand. If your condition can be diagnosed in terms of any of these syndromes, almost certainly you can be helped.

Such help can be given even if you're taking medication from your doctor, though your medicines might make it harder to be sure that acupuncture was working. However, good acupuncture would almost certainly improve the underlying syndrome, so in time, your anxiety.

By the way ... are you scared of acupuncture needles? Have a quick look at the following YouTube video!

Lastly ... anxiety both causes, and is caused by a very important syndrome in Chinese medicine called Qi Stagnation. See below for links to my book about it.

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