Bowen Research is gradually accumulating

Bowen research, articles and sites to visit if you’re interested in the evidence that is gradually accumulating for Bowen treatment.
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What about Bowen Research? Why has more research on the Bowen Technique not been done?

One reason we heard is that everyone using Bowen, and each of their patients, knows it works so effectively that research seems hardly necessary!

However, this doesn’t make Bowen respectable.  It takes time and funds to conduct research. Also, few practitioners of Bowen are ‘born’ researchers: they are therapists who like helping people get better.

But, gradually, research is being done on Bowen Technique. More details to follow, but here are some results.


Frozen Shoulder and many other conditions



The Bowen Technique National Migraine Research Program ‘In all, 31 participants experienced a positive result, representing 79.5% of participants – a very impressive response rate showing significant improvement. At the end of the program, 36 of the 39 volunteers said they would recommend Bowen as a treatment to a friend or colleague.’



Relieve Childhood Asthma!



Other Research ongoing and existing


Other pages on Bowen on this site

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