Cosmetic Acupuncture Acupuncture for Facial Skin

Cosmetic acupuncture
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Cosmetic acupuncture, also sometimes called facial acupuncture, aims to improve your appearance.


For example, you may have

  • wrinkles
  • baggy eyes
  • bags under your eyes
  • black circles under your eyes
  • loose skin


Sometimes it can also be used to reduce the appearance of scars.

cosmetic acupuncture




However, this kind of acupuncture is not magic! It does require a number of treatments, typically 10. Often you notice improvements after just the first treatment, but don’t stop there because subsequent treatments consolidate your progress.

When you see Jonathan, he’ll want to know about your general health as well. Treatment to help you feel better, eg ‘traditional’ acupuncture, makes your cosmetic acupuncture work faster. This “Traditional acupuncture” takes a careful look at your health from the point of view of a 2500-year old tradition. You may discover things about your health that doctors can’t tell you.

Traditional acupuncture uses the theory of Chinese medicine, treatment along acupuncture channels, acupuncture theory and acupuncture points. All are very different from typical Western medicine.

If you get interested in the background to Chinese medicine, you’ll need to read up on what yin and yang offer man!


If you have health problems, cosmetic acupuncture may not be suitable

If you have an ongoing health problem it may undermine the effect of cosmetic acupuncture. 

In that case, it is better to have other treatment, (eg traditional acupuncture) to improve your health first. When that starts to improve you can be more confident that cosmetic treatment will work and last better.


Why Ten Treatments?

Well, usually, one helps but 10 or so provides long-term results. (And to encourage you to persist, we give a 20% discount if you pay in advance for 10.)

But you must use them up within 120 days! Each cosmetic acupuncture treatment reinforces the next. It would not work so well if you only came once a month for 10 months.


What about Botox?

Definitely not! Botox treatment injects a poison into your skin. Your body reacts by seeming to puff up a bit, making it look younger. Not to get too technical, but every medication or drug, being so concentrated, has a primary and a secondary action. The primary action is what you want. The secondary eventually follows if you take enough of the stuff, and few of us like it.

Acupuncture works on a different basis. The ideas behind traditional acupuncture include ‘Qi‘ and ‘Blood‘. (Click on the words to find out more, because the ideas are very different to those of normal ‘Western’ medicine!)

The theory behind traditional acupuncture is that the needles encourage Qi to stimulate your Blood. Your Blood nourishes and heals the area needled. Re-nourished, it looks younger and fuller.

Traditional acupuncture, on other parts of your body, arms and legs – even your ears! – helps this work better.

But nothing is injected. So your body won’t have to detoxify itself from any stuff injected. 

On the other hand, your body may – after receiving traditional acupuncture – go through a natural process of detoxification. This clears out the old and encourages the new.

We suggest you drink lots of water for a few days after the treatment. This helps your body wash out old stuff and the new fluids help your Blood.


What sort of needles?

 The needles for cosmetic acupuncture are usually very thin and short.

We put them in individually. They go into specific acupuncture places on your skin, sometimes with a small spring-loaded device to push them in quickly. 

(We also use it when we do Japanese acupuncture, which we may use to help you detoxify.)

Cosmetic acupuncture

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NB All our needles are only ever used once. You can watch the packet being opened during your treatment. They are all guaranteed free of infection on opening. After use they go in a Sharps box for disposal.



If you usually wear a lot of make-up, we recommend (though do not insist) that you wear as little make-up as possible, or no make-up, on the day of your treatment. Although the risk of infection is minute, the more ‘matter’ there is on your skin the more places there are for undesirable elements to linger.

Once the needles are in, you lie there, listening to music, and relax, rather like during a facial!

Often people go to sleep for a while.

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