Liver 12: Jimai – ‘Urgent Pulse’


Liver 12, Jimai, Urgent Pulse is a powerful point on the Liver acupuncture channel mainly used for pain and problems with the genitals.

I know few acupuncturists who use it regularly, but then I don’t work in a hospital where it might be more easily accessed.


Location of Jimai

2.5cun lateral and 1 cun inferior to Ren 2, medial to the femoral vein.

Needling Urgent Pulse

In the groin, find the femoral artery: it has a strong beat. Medial to that is the femoral vein. This has no beat but is quite wide, up to a finger-breadth across, and often palpable. Liver 12 is just medial to that, in the crease of the groin. Depth? Up to 1 cun, slightly medially.

Moxa: ancient texts, if they mention this point at all, suggest moxa rather than needle.

Perhaps their needling caused a few accidents.

Modern texts suggest needling, for fear of moxa over-heating the femoral artery or setting fire to genital hair.

I haven’t used moxa here, unlike Liver 11 which does benefit from moxibustion.

(By the way, Spleen 12 is lateral to the femoral artery, and level with Ren 2.)


Actions of Jimai

  • Pain and problems in the genitals, including Damp (damp-heat and damp-cold)
  • Pain in the thigh (medial aspect)
  • Prolapse of the uterus
  • Clears Cold from the Liver channel


Comment on Jimai

I don’t think I’ve used this point more than half a dozen times in thirty-five years. I say that with no sense of pride. It’s a good point for the actions described, but I don’t seem to think of it.

I can think of several cases of pruritis where I might have tried it.

I don’t think many acupuncturists use this.


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