Conception Vessel 2 – Ren-2 Qugu

Conception Vessel 2 - Ren-2
Conception Vessel 2 - Ren-2 - Copyright

Conception Vessel 2, Qugu, is the first point of the Conception Vessel on the abdomen. It’s used by acupuncturists for strengthening the whole system and for clearing various forms of damp and heat.

The point is also a ‘meeting place’ with the Liver Channel. That means it’s like another point on the Liver channel so consequently it can be used in ways that otherwise don’t make sense: more on this below.


Location of Ren 2

On the midline of the abdomen, just superior to the pubic bone, 5 cun below the umbilicus.

Bear in mind that the point’s location means that it is sometimes difficult to reach, either because of layers of fat (!) in the area or just above it, or because of clothing issues.

It is, after all, in quite an intimate place on the body, so if in doubt have a chaperone or other witness present.

Or, of course, develop a pleasant trusting relationship with the patient!

Needling Ren-2

Half to one cun, vertically to the skin. Because the point lies over the bladder, it is best to advise the patient to void the bladder before treatment.

Needle sensation

Extends through to the perineum and to the sexual organs.

Be very wary when needling this point in pregnant women. It’s not forbidden to acupuncture for them, but should be done only with great care.


Moxa here is often beneficial when there is weakness. Because the point is so low in the abdomen the point has strongly yin-like qualities. Moxibustion on the point helps to balance these yin qualities with some yang.

However, because there is usually pubic hair in the area, direct moxa is inadvisable!

Moxa on needle
Lighting the moxa – Photo by Katherine Hanlon

And be aware that if you put moxa on a needle here, your patient will be more than usually vigilant of your actions. (Let’s face it – in your patient’s position you probably wouldn’t want a fireball, dislodged from a needle, plunging into your personal private forest!)

ACTIONS of Conception Vessel 2

  • Regulates the Lower Abdomen and the Bladder
  • Strengthens Jing-Essence and Kidney energy


Regulates the Lower Abdomen and the Bladder

What does ‘regulates’ mean here? I take it to mean that the point has the ability, when rightly used, to ‘steady’ or harmonise activity in the area. Here are examples of the kinds of conditions it might be used for.

  • Swelling of the lower abdomen
  • Painful fullness of the lower abdomen
  • Enuresis
  • Cystitis (whether bacterial or not)
  • Red vaginal discharges
  • Menses: irregular, metrorrhagia, menorrhagia
  • Uterine haemorrhage
  • Genital pain
  • Vaginal itch
  • Hernia and genito-urinary problems
  • Itchy scrotum
  • Retention of urine

Strengthening Jing Essence and Firming Kidney Energy

  • Weakness in the 5 Zang
  • Spermatorrhoea
  • Contraction of penis
  • Premature ejaculation
  • White vaginal discharges
  • Sexual Impotence
  • Weak or hesitant urination
White and black short coated dog. Weak urination can suggest Ren 2 for treatment.
How resolute is your urine? Photo by freestocks
  • Dryness of vaginal fluids

Comment on Conception Vessel 2

This point is to some extent interchangeable with Conception Vessel 3. Use whichever is more tender, because tenderness suggests need.

Technical Stuff for acupuncturists …

However, if it’s very tender you could employ Tan-Balance theory to find another point that dissipates the tenderness here before using it.

You could search for such a point on the upper end of either Ren mo or Du mo. Alternatively, considering it’s a meeting point with the Liver channel, hence a Jueh Yin point, think about points on Three Heater, Pericardium, Lung, Small Intestine or Large Intestine channels. (You could add Liver and Gallbladder points too of course.)

That’s a lot of possible points! But if you consider what type of problem you’re treating you may be able to reduce the range of possibilities. 


For example, if it’s a urinary Heat problem, I’d look at Small Intestine. That’s because the Small Intestine is Tai Yang with Bladder and also through the Small Intestine the body helps to clear Heat from the Heart.

If the problem is one of painful fullness in the abdomen, and you think this is less Qi stagnation and more likely Damp, then I might look at points on Lung or Large Intestine channels first.

Why? Because the Lungs (Arm Tai Yin) are so important in questions of Water passages, and partnered with (Leg Tai Yin) Spleen on which there are important points for Damp. Large intestine partners with Tai Yin Lung and a branch from it descends from Du 14 Dazhui through the Lungs and diaphragm to the large intestine organ. 

Dazhui itself might be an excellent point for tenderness at Qugu, of course.

Howver, when you find the point that works, take careful note of which direction and the depth of pressure that ameliorates the tenderness at Ren 2, and carefully needle the Active Point to that depth.

When you find a Tan-Balance point that works, think about which channel it’s on. It might tell you something important about the patient and how or why he gets ill. Go deep enough into this and you might reveal a way to help him not get ill!


Meeting point with Liver

Meeting point – Acupuncture

Some of its qualities derive from its being a meeting point with the Liver channel, such as regulation of the Lower Abdomen and the menses, and supporting male genital action.

Although not usually listed as such, this point can also be useful in treating some kinds of Liver Yang headache due to deficient Liver Yin or deficient Liver Blood.

Ren 2’s action in strengthening male genital action suggests it also benefits Liver qi and Liver Blood, in which case it could help other conditions of these syndromes such as weak vision.

Its ability to strengthen Kidney and Jing-Essence suggests its use for a variety of yin deficient conditions

Having said all this, I don’t use it much. I can usually find other points that do similar jobs and don’t embarrass or make the patient feel vulnerable. (I see a lot of old people, also young women.)

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