Severe Headache – See a doctor FAST!

Severe headache
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Many headaches are understood in Chinese medicineWhat about severe headache? In most Western countries, there is a process for dealing with head pain emergency. 

If you fall into one of the symptom pictures described below, see a doctor for help. They can keep you alive with modern science. 

Then see your acupuncture practitioner!


Severe Headache? See a Doctor! FAST!

Some danger signs where you should visit your Doctor first: 

  • A new headache which is there when you wake up, gradually worsens through the day, and gets worse when putting your head down low, or stooping, or straining at anything. This might be a sign of pressure from something inside the bones of the head (the cranium). Get a doctor to check it urgently. This severe headache needs quick diagnosis.
  • Where you sometimes get sudden headaches that feel as if your head will explode, or feeling as if you have been hit on the head. Again, this headache needs diagnosis.
  • A new headache in the temples (either or both), different from headaches you have had before: may be worse at night, and worsening over several days, with pain that burns or jabs, can sometimes also be felt on the face or scalp: much worse for brushing or combing the hair, or resting the head on a pillow, especially if it starts with or develops loss of vision. This may be temporal arteritis. Go to your doctor quickly for a diagnosis. (But we may be able to help too, later!)
  • If you are no longer young, and start getting a headache that your friends say is migraine.
  • If you are over six month’s pregnant and start getting headaches, especially if they come with visual disturbances (stars or zigzags or funny lights or flickering): this might be eclampsia. Get a doctor’s diagnosis.
  • Headache or symptoms such as loss of concentration or memory, or vertigo, following an accident, eg concussion, even if some days later.


Meningitis has the following symptoms: dizzy, cramping, nausea, headache, high fever and stiff neck developing over several hours, or over 1 to 2 days. Other symptoms may include vomiting, discomfort looking into bright lights, confusion, and sleepiness.

  • NB In newborns and small infants, the classic meningitis symptoms of fever, headache, and neck stiffness may be absent or difficult to detect, and the infant may only appear slow or inactive, or be irritable, have vomiting, or be feeding poorly. As the disease progresses, patients of any age may have seizures. This headache needs early medical attention.




Frequent Headaches – What to do?

If you get frequent headaches of any kind, what can YOU do about it?

Beyond reading the book shown, consider this. Chinese medicine has 3000 years of experience and success.

It has a huge amount to offer in understanding and treatment of the syndromes behind both headache and severe headache. 

To find out more about this, click migraine and headache.

In the meantime, what can YOU do?

Put yourself in control. Here is a book that is easy to read, helps you identify the triggers and shows how to reduce pain frequency and intensity. It has helped many sufferers and is well reviewed: click on Heal Your Headache, below. 

Heal Your Headache

Help for Severe Headache from Chinese Medicine:

For what Chinese medicine can do for severe headache, as well as milder forms of headache, click here for Migraine and Headache.

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