Treatment in Homoeopathy and Consultations

HOMOEOPATHIC REMEDIES sometimes used for allergic rhinitis
Homoeopathic remedies

Consultations and treatment in Homoeopathy are completely confidential, and depending on the nature of the illness, the initial session can last for up to two hours so that we can get a full history of your case as well as your life.

Subsequent consultations usually last up to half an hour.


Treatment in Homeopathy: Listening

Often we ask very few questions – we just listen. At other times, we may need to ask many questions, about the illness, what makes you feel better or worse, what suits you or not, your reaction to it, and personal questions about your life, your likes, dislikes, habits, moods, reactions, and predispositions. That may seem a lot, but it’s all to find the remedy for you. Good treatment in homoeopathy involves a lot of listening and observing!

Some of the questions may seem quite remote from the illness you are bringing for treatment, but bear with us! We are not being nosy: the questions have a purpose.

If the questions help us to find the right remedy for you, the remedy that gets you better in the –

‘shortest, most reliable and least disadvantageous way, according to clearly realisable principles’

(as per paragraph 2 of the Organon of the Medical Art by Samuel Hahnemann) , then you will consider the time well spent!

However, if at any point in the consultation you feel uncomfortable, then just let us know. Please remember that the consultation is completely confidential.

Remember you can share whatever you like with us, but you also have the right not to share things and that is also completely all right.


Treatment in Homeopathy: Fees

To find out what a consultation or a treatment in homeopathy costs, click on our page on fees.

The first session is the most important. 

Bear in mind that this first session can take between 90 minutes and 2 hours. This is worth every penny if it enables us to find the right homoeopathic treatment for you because this will enormously hasten the speed with which you improve, and mean you need less treatment in homeopathy in the future.

For how to pay for your treatment in homeopathy, click here.


How Frequently should you seek Treatment in Homoeopathy?

The second session usually occurs within a month of the first, but sometimes after two or three weeks. Where the problem is acute, it may be more often.

Subsequent sessions occur usually at monthly intervals, the period between sessions lengthening as you get better. Many people come annually. Some come every five years.


Diagnosis per treatment in homoeopathy

Although highly trained and with a knowledge of Western, orthodox or conventional, and Chinese medicine, we do not wish to replace your own doctor/GP. If you wish for a diagnosis in terms of Western, orthodox, medicine, please consult your GP.

We may be able to give you a provisional diagnosis in terms of Chinese medicine.


Help Yourself for your Homeopathic Treatment

How you can help yourself 

Warm clothing helps in cold weather when seeking treatment in homoeopathy!
Winter clothing helps in cold weather!

We may suggest changes in your habits to help you get or stay better. For example,

  • many people don’t recognise how much their environment is influencing their health
  • stress can make you ill
  • relationships can have a huge effect
  • work pressures can make you ill
  • your diet can make you sick
  • the weather affects you more than you may think
  • how much or how little you exercise can determine your health
  • … and what about your sleep?



We know you want to get better fast. Often this is possible, but if you have been suffering from something for many years, or have been treated for it with powerful medications, please do not expect one or two treatments to cure you!

We shall discuss with you, when we have enough information, what we hope will be reasonable expectations for your treatment in homeopathy.



Please do ask questions and seek advice if there is something you do not understand about your treatment in homoeopathy. Equally, please do tell us if there is anything that concerns you.

Is Homeopathy Safe?

“Is homeopathy safe?” Quite a few people worry about this. 

Any therapy that heals can also harm.

That’s why student homeopaths spend years (usually at least four!) learning the philosophy behind it, learning about the remedies and how and when to treat their patients. They attend homoeopathic clinics first as observers, then as supervised practitioners, with hours spent analysing each case before prescribing.

This takes a lot of commitment – there is a lot to learn and absorb. The process alone almost automatically removes unsuitable individuals but the interactions with other students and staff alerts supervisors to people who would be better doing something else.

A lot of care goes into producing a qualified homoeopath!

If they then want to join an organisation such as the Scottish Association of Professional Homoeopaths, they need to show that they are in successful professional homoeopathic practice, have accredited qualifications or equivalent, and can present and discuss homoeopathic patient cases and homoeopathic philosophy knowledgeably with other registered members. They may need to attend a number of such meetings before being admitted.

One of our members has written a short piece on the question “Is Homeopathy Safe?”, on the website for the Scottish Association of Professional Homoeopaths. Click here to view it!

Other Treatment

If you are undergoing, or have undergone, other treatment, whether homeopathic, orthodox or otherwise including acupuncture or herbs, please do tell us. It may help us.

Normally it is professional courtesy for us to write or communicate with your former practitioner. We understand if you do not wish us to do so, and we respect your wishes: but we prefer to, in general.

If you have received a diagnosis from another health practitioner, please tell us.


Also, please tell us if you are taking or have taken:-


Treatment in homoeopathy can be confused by medications
Photo by Laurynas Mereckas on Unsplash
  • medication from your doctor or pharmacist
  • nutritional supplements
  • recreational drugs
  • over-the-counter medicines


Chinese herbs making a prescription
Chinese herbs
  • herbal teas or herbs
  • homeopathic remedies
  • magnetic therapies
  • energetic therapy
  • physical or physiotherapy treatment or
  • other substances or treatment intended to have effect on your health


Having Someone Else present

If you wish to have someone else with you during your consultation or treatment in homeopathy, this is fine.

We would like to point out that sometimes, however, you will feel more free to discuss your problems, or answer our questions, if you are alone, and this may help us.

Confidentiality and our Patient Notes

We keep careful notes of the initial consultation and each treatment in homeopathy. These are kept securely and in confidence.

You have a right to inspect these notes if you wish, and to receive copies – for which a reasonable charge may be made to cover photocopying, time and postage.

At your first visit, we ask you to fill out a patient information form, which gives your name, address, telephone and other details. We need this information so that we can contact you. We do not give this information to anyone else. It is not sold or rented to any other party.

If, for instance when you move to another part of the country, you wish to move to another homeopathic practitioner for a treatment in homeopathy, we can, with your permission, send a copy of your notes to him or her, or discuss with him or her the treatment you have received.

We do not keep patient notes indefinitely. Ultimately they will be shredded and destroyed. If you return after some time, we may need to do an initial consultation again, whether or not the old notes exist. Normally we keep notes for at least 7 years after your last visit. For children, we keep notes until they are 25.

The Edinburgh Natural Health Centre is registered with the Registrar for Data Protection. Full details of what this means can be found on their website:


Out of Hours Treatment

We do not yet offer a full 24 hours a day service. If you wish to contact us outside business hours, please leave a message on +44 (0)7950 012501. This is monitored regularly.



Please tell us as soon as possible if you have to cancel or postpone your consultation. We normally make a charge if we receive less than 24 hours notice without acceptable reason, or if you forget to come for an appointment.



We hope you will be glad you came for treatment in homeopathy. If you are unhappy about some aspect of your treatment or the outcome, the first expression of your dissatisfaction should be to your homeopathic practitioner.

If you do not receive satisfaction, the next recourse is to the Scottish Association for Professional Homeopaths through their Secretary.


Acute Conditions

Homeopathy lacks the unpleasant side-effects of some medications.

However, since the homeopath relies on your symptoms, you may have to put up with taking less pain-killers or anti-inflammatory drugs etc.

This means that initially you will experience the symptoms more strongly than you are used to. The advantage is that, when the homeopath can clearly perceive your symptoms, you will receive the correct, homeopathic, remedy.


Telephone Consultations

If you are already a patient, we can often – but not always – prescribe over the telephone where we think it is safe to do so. Treatment in homoeopathy is best done face to face but if we know you already, sometimes telephone consultations work.

We make a charge for this treatment in homoeopathy. Getting the remedy to you may be a problem, especially if you ring after the last post has gone.

If you are nearby, we can sometimes put the remedy out for you to collect. If you live far away, there may be a homeopathic pharmacist, or a health shop, which has the homeopathic remedy that you need.

An alternative is to keep a stock of the most frequently used acute remedies at home in the hope that one of them will be appropriate.

We recommend packs of these prepared by a good homoeopathic pharmacist: these include most of the important remedies you might need in acute situations.


Face to Face is Better!

However, in most cases we get better results when we see you, and if your symptoms have been with you for a time, and are no longer acute, we definitely need to see you!

This is because the longer you have been ill or out of sorts, the more the ‘picture’ of your health that we need  has become generalised, less obvious, lived with, and the more treatments you will have tried – usually – that may conceal important symptoms that we need to unearth.

For good treatment in homoeopathy, there is no way to cut corners. Face to face is best!

Besides, seeing you in the flesh gives us a much clearer idea of what you are like, and that may also help us find the remedy!

To book an appointment click here.

More information on Homoeopathy

Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott

Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott is usually available in clinic on Mondays and sometimes are other times.

Times outside these can sometimes be arranged.

If you just turn up, we can occasionally see you then and there if there is enough time and a space between other appointments. But if we are quite busy, you may have to wait quite a while, or it may be impossible.

So it is usually best to book, to be sure of getting an appointment on the day and at the time that suits you.

For a telephone treatment in homeopathy, if you are an existing patient, please just ring and leave your message including your telephone number.

Telephone and Skype Consultations

Please read our page for new patients about consulting us if you cannot come in person.

Unlike acupuncture, treatments in homeopathy can sometimes be done at a distance, though they are often more difficult for the practitioner, which means you must be more patient.

Finding a good homeopath?

Consult the Register of the Scottish Association for Professional Homeopaths, see their website 

All homeopaths registered with the Scottish Association of Professional Homoeopaths practise in accordance with a Code of Ethics and Practice, hold professional insurance, and have passed stringent academic and clinical assessments before being admitted to the Register.

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