Yin Deficiency Reviews: What You Think of it!

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Yin Deficiency – Burnout and Exhaustion: What to Do!

This page is about Yin Deficiency Reviews, but just so you know, the book has never been sent for review. The comments you read come from people who read it and then took the trouble to put what they thought into writing. 

I’m very grateful to you if you’ve done this!

If a reviewer reads it via Amazon, it may say ‘verified purchase’ which means they bought it: they didn’t get a free copy. (I was busy husbanding my yin reserves, as per the book. Or, you might say, ‘stingy’.)

By the way, the book was re-edited in 2017 making it more reader-friendly  – I hope! – not least in the Kindle edition. (I’ve downloaded it to both my Kindle and to the Kindle app on my Samsung tablet, and to me it seems to read fine on both.)

(Why never sent for review? Well, I wrote it for patients, who wouldn’t read the professional journals.

And the professional journals wouldn’t be interested in something written for patients.

Besides, professional acupuncturists should know all this! 

However, November 2019, my son-in-law thinks this is incorrect thinking so he may yet persuade me otherwise.)


Yin Deficiency Reviews

Until November 2019 I carefully copied and pasted from eg Amazon what people had said about the book, including the number of stars they gave it. 

Now Amazon have produced long screeds of ‘can and can’t dos’, which I can’t be bothered to read.

So I’m just putting a link to the Amazon page. This is the UK Amazon page. However, they are clever people who, if they realise you live elsewhere, may send you to another of their sites. Anyway, for Yin Deficiency Reviews, that’s where you’ll have to look!




(March 2020) Yin Deficiency was written to help people who, perhaps after disease, have exhausted their resources, so it may be useful for people convalescing from Coronavirus.

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However, I’ve written a page for those of us FACING the prospect of catching the coronavirus with advice on how to increase our reserves. Some of it is common sense but some of it gives specific advice for your lungs and immune system. I may incorporate some of this in the book eventually. Find that page at Cope with Fever.

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