Gallbladder 34 – Yanglingquan – Yang Mound Spring

Key points

  • Gallbladder 34 is the Earth point on the Gallbladder acupuncture channel
  • Meeting point of the sinews (also known as ‘tendons’)
  • Clears Damp-Heat
  • Similar to but milder, for Liver syndromes) than Liver 3

Location of Gallbladder 34

Gallbladder 34 lies on the lateral surface of the leg, about 2 cun distal to the knee flexure, anterior to and just distal to the head of the fibula. The location is often sore on pressure.

Needling Yanglingquan

Needle vertically or very slightly inferiorly or posteriorly. Sometimes the point is found most easily with the leg at right angles to the thigh. Depth, up to 1 cun. You have to feel for the most effective direction and depth.

Needle sensation

Deqi can run into the knee or downwards towards the foot. I haven’t managed to get it up to the thigh, though I’ve heard of others who have succeeded at this. I imagine the patient would have to be quite compliant as this can be sore.


Moxibustion – up to 7 cones. Up to 15 thread-sized moxa.

Actions of Gallbladder 34

  • Clears Damp-Heat wherever arising, but particularly in the middle burner.
  • Regulates and strengthens the tendons and to a lesser extent, the muscles (and even bones). If tight, loosens them – often a good point for dancers and athletes. Use with Bladder 23 for bone problems.
  • Can eliminate Stomach Fire and Phlegm-fire in the Stomach.
  • Subdues and steadies Liver Wind (use with Bladder 18 for this) and Liver yang (milder than Liver 3)
  • For pain along the Gallbladder channel including head pain
  • With Three Heater 6 for wandering Bi and general aching


Uses of Yanglingquan

This is a great point for many Damp-Heat type syndrome problems, including – where appropriate:

  • Hepatitis, cholecystitis, hypertension, inter-costal neuralgia (often use with Three heater 6 for this), inflammation in the shoulder, frequent constipation, 
  • Distension of the mouth, tongue, throat, face and head
  • Swollen painful bi syndrome eg sore, hot, swollen joints such as in some forms of knee arthritis
  • For malaria, with Spleen 9
  • Incontinence: moxa this point
  • Biliary tract disorders, with Stomach 36, Gallbladder 24, Bladder 18, 19 and Liver 3.
  • Hypochondriac pain – use with Three Heater 5 or 6.



More than just for Damp Heat, Gallbladder 34 by soothing the Liver helps move and de-obstruct all the channels. Many types of pain respond to it, especially those caused by tension. Even used for constipation, especially if there’s a background of Qi stagnation.

That same clearing, moving action makes it useful for some types of insanity and fright. These would be where there is great tension and signs of Liver yang ascending or when shock occurs in a severely weakened patient with weak Kidney qi and depleted Liver Blood.

Shoulder pain often benefits from contralateral Gallbladder 34
Shoulder pain

For shoulder problems and pain, use contra-laterally. For wrist pain, use contra-laterally and direct the needle in exactly the direction and depth that pressure on the point has shown releases contra-lateral wrist pain: for this is useful for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Gallbladder 34 benefits the gallbladder organ, helping to control acid regurgitation and epigastric pain from Wood/Earth disharmony as described in 5 Elements acupuncture theory.

Because it controls the tendons, it can help many kinds of lumbago and sciatica.

Useful for leg cramps and  numbness in the thigh, leg and foot.

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