Male Infertility

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On this page on male infertility you’ll learn

  • Why you should get male fertility checked right at the start!
  • Male Infertility Symptoms – Importance of a proper investigation
  • Causes of male infertiliy – What Endangers your Sperm
  • Male Infertility Treatment – What you can do about it

What about male infertility?

When a woman doesn’t conceive, gynaecologists usually assume the problem is with her. But it may not be, and indeed 30% of cases may be due to male infertility.

When a couple have been trying to conceive for several years and have even proceeded to IVF (expensive!) sometimes repeatedly (very expensive!!) with all the disappointment and hormone chaos entailed for the woman with hormone/ovulation stimulation, it’s disappointing, not to say disillusioning, when it finally occurs to the consultant that it’s a sperm problem, not an egg problem!

In fact, you both would probably be quite angry. After all, years may have passed.

Why not start the investigation into sperm health at the same time as investigations into the egg-maker?

Just as there are many reasons for infertility due to egg problems, there are many reasons why sperm may not be functional. (By the way, girls, yes I know you’re reading this, for you there’s some useful stuff on our page ‘fertility-center’. See also our page on Male Infertility.)

It pays to know about them, and men, let’s be a little respectful here – you’ll go through the same lessons in humility and indignity as your female companion.

If indeed, the problem is with you, there is lots that can be done. That’s what this page is about.

Important! Gynaecologists are specialists in female reproductive health: NOT in male reproductive health. If the problem is on your side, eventually you’ll need to see an andrologist who does know about male reproductive health.

First, what are the usual tests done on sperm by doctors (and then, often only when pushed!)

Usually there’s only one test, after which your gynaecologist thinks the job is done. What’s that test?

Male Infertility Symptoms and Tests

Learning about male infertility
Get the results!


It’s called a semen analysis. This measures:

  • the number of sperm
  • the shape of the sperm
  • the movement of the sperm, also known as “sperm motility”


This is useful but may not uncover a whole range of other factors (most important are in bold ) such as:

  • Oxidative stress
  • DNA fragmentation
  • Infection screening
  • Anti-sperm antibodies
  • Hormone Profile


Nor does it usually include three other tests:

  • Physical examination
  • Genetic screening
  • Ultrasound


Benefits of Physical Examination 


Often, a good andrologist will realise immediately, from a physical examination, that you have a problem such as a varicocele which consists of enlarged veins in your scrotum, a bit like varicose veins there. They block the flow of blood through your testes and lead to less sperm being produced, and those sperm that are produced are of lower quality.

Varicoceles aren’t unusual. (Why do you get them? Lots of possible reasons, but nobody knows for sure though Chinese medicine has quite a few ideas.)

10% – 15% of the male population have varicocele problems, and it can be asymptomatic (ie without symptoms). It’s more frequent on the left testicle because of the way your body is made and how blood circulates, but of course it can occur on either testicle.

40% of male infertility arises from varicocele problems. So it’s important! But GPs seem reluctant to refer you for this varicocele test (possibly because the NICE guidelines are out-of-date on the matter). However, if you explain that you are getting some pain from the area, GPs are much easier to persuade to refer you for the test. Even so, your GP will probably refer you to a urologist, whereas an andrologist would be more knowledgeable.

If diagnosed, treatment is simple – though not necessarily pleasant, but compare that with the indignities suffered by women during their investigations and count yourself lucky! – surgery.

Surgeon operating eg for male infertility
Get your varicocele fixed! It’s not a difficult operation, usually.

It usually works and improvement can come quickly.

Find out more about varicocele and its treatment here.


This has the same effect as varicocele, but is caused by an accumulation of fluid in the scrotum round your testicles. It can occur without symptoms. It can be caused by infection, injury or inflammation, or be a developmental issue. Inflammation and infection could come from STD (sexually transmitted disease) or from an undescended testicle in your past.

The problem? HEAT!

The problem for men with varicoceles and hydroceles is this. The affected testicle gets too hot. Heat bakes the sperm, rendering them useless or more susceptible to oxidative stress and DNA fragmentation.

So keep your balls cool! (Find out more about HEAT in Chinese medicine.)

Factors to consider:

  • Jobs when you sit all day
  • Tight clothing, not just underpants, which you should abandon in favour of looser boxer-type shorts, but that stylish lycra body stocking you wear when cycling. Air should circulate, keeping things cool!
  • Standing jobs, where you don’t walk much
  • Activities and jobs that get your genital area hot. For example, chefs working with heat from stoves and ovens, at just below waist height. Think also of exercise where you heat up fast but cool down only slowly, weight-lifting for example.

Interlude, for men!

If you’re typical of us, all this is rather horrifying. There are support groups set up by and for ‘infertile’ men. There’s a list below.

Group support for male infertility
Friends meeting, with hope.

They know how awkward you feel about joining. They also know how much being a member of such a group helped them. Overcome your timidity/hesitancy and get in touch with them. You owe it to your partner to stay sane through all this. Being a member of a support group will help.

Sperm Duration

Sperm cells are the smallest you have. Tiny. Minute. As they form they travel along (seminiferous) tubules in your testis which are half a mile long. (You read that right!). To mature, they go to your epididymis (about 6 metres long). Then up another tube (vas deferens) to your seminal gland and eventually to your prostate to mix with prostate fluids.

After all this, they can only live a few weeks. In fact they usually die off after month.

Lesson? Ejaculate regularly to ensure you’re supplying fresh bouncy cocksure sperm and not old codgers who’ve been sitting around doing crosswords with alcohol for a bit too long.

How often to ejaculate? The younger you are, usually the more often you can do it with no bad consequences. But as you age, Chinese medicine suggests you may be wise to limit frequency or you’ll start ageing faster. How would you know? From increasing incidence of signs of ‘Kidney’ energy problems such as backache, sore knees, greying hair, poor memory, tinnitus, impaired hearing etc: in fact, signs of ageing.

Hormone Tests

Yes, men, you have hormones too. You’ve heard of testosterone, of course, but your body also produces female hormones – FSH (follicular stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinising hormone).

If FSH is raised, something’s not working right. Indeed, the interplay of hormones in your system almost matches that of your female companion.

FSH stimulates sperm production and if/when you have too much testosterone it reduces FSH production. So taking extra testosterone or testosterone stimulants may actually be limiting your sperm production!

You read that right. Too much testosterone can limit your fertility.

DNA fragmentation test

Although the basic semen test shows the volume of sperm you are producing, the percentage of healthy sperm and their motility (how fast they run, and whether they go in the right direction and not round and round, getting nowhere) it should also check the shape of the sperm.

Odd shapes reduce male fertility
Green and brown cactus

A further test goes deeper to see if the DNA in your sperm is healthy. After all, it’s your DNA that combines with the female’s egg that decides – among other things – the sex of your child.

Amazingly, sometimes, even if your DNA isn’t 100% fit, the egg – the ovum produced by the mother, can fix it. 

But don’t count on it. Just as a good cook can recover the shambolic mess you’ve made of dinner, well, sometimes even the best cook decides to have beans on toast instead. Well, neither of you wants beans on toast, you want a healthy baby.

The tests they do for Sperm Health

If you can persuade your doctor or consultant to get the tests done (and yes, they’ll need some semen for that and getting that’s another story) how do you interpret the results which may be on one side of a piece of paper without much explanation?

Here are a few pointers.

  • Semen volume (the fluid you produced). Ideally around 3mL.
  • Semen pH (its acidity). Ideally around 7.2. Under 7, suggests a blockage somewhere, and if over 8.5 it suggests there is an infection present.
  • Density or concentration of sperm: typically over 15 million/mL.
  • Sperm motility (how active they are): typically 40% – 100%
  • Sperm making forward progress: 32% – 100%
  • Sperm training for male fertility!

      The prize goes to the fastest and fittest
  • Their morphology (how many have a healthy shape): 4% -100% Note: morphology is seldom over 6%
  • MAR test (mixed agglutination reaction test) shows how many antibodies there are. The more antibodies there are, the more likely your sperm are to agglutinate, rather like rugby players in a huddle before the game. If they stayed in a huddle, none of them would be able to run around, let alone forward. Anyhow, antibodies  tend to make your sperm  agglutinate, leading to low motility. Without motility, none can penetrate the egg, like a bunch of young men at a party, all dazzled by the girl’s beauty but none with enough gall to ask her to dance. Treatment for this is a bit controversial and involves taking steroids.


Regarding DNA, there are further tests

SCSA (Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay) is the gold standard test, but other tests come close, for example the Comet ASA

  • The ‘low’ Comet test reading shows the percentage of healthy sperm: you want this to be high.
  • A ‘high’ Comet test reading shows the percentage of unhealthy sperm: you want this to be low.
  • The average Comet test score is less useful. If between 30% and 40%, there may be a problem – that’s all it can tell you.

Many factors influence DNA fragmentation, and consultants aren’t keen to retest and then only if, for at least 3 months, you’ve made changes in your lifestyle and diet, and have solved stress and toxicity problems.

Oxidative Stress test

This is a simple test and is a key factor for sperm health! When oxidised, sperm become rogues, damaging other cells, including sperm cells.

How much oxidative stress your sperm suffer is hugely affected by your lifestyle and diet. If you lie around much of the time, taking no exercise, eating wrong foods, your sperm will suffer oxidative stress.

The test for oxidative stress is the mycotoxin test. It’s not expensive, assuming the laboratory has the equipment to test it (the machine costs over £3000) but the test itself typically costs £30 – £40. (


A similar test is the ROX (reactive oxidative test)

Guys! You can hugely improve your oxidative test score by  taking exercise and eating the right foods. It’s that simple. See below for suggestions.


No sperm from male infertility
Azoospermia – What does SHE think?

Azoospermia means you have no sperm in your ejaculated fluid – your semen. As you will realise, this is important! It could mean you are flooding your female companion with semen, making it all a very pleasurable waste of time.

There are two types

Secretory azoospermia: this happens when your testes produce no sperm.

If due to secretory azoospermia a hormone profile analysis would probably show high levels of FSH (see below) as your anterior pituitary gland tries desperately to encourage your testes to ramp up sperm production. You may, in this case, also have low testosterone because having no sperm, you don’t produce much of the hormone.

Obstructive azoospermia: this happens when there’s an obstruction, a roadblock, on the sperms’ voyage (usually in the ejaculatory duct).

How do they solve obstructive azoospermia? MicroTESE Surgery. (What? Don’t ask: better not to know.)

Infection Screening

This is also an important test. Often there are no symptoms. It’s often done by an andrologist. Treatment, if necessary, may involve antibiotics for a while.

It’s important both the male and female partners get tested to make sure neither is infecting, or re-infecting, the other.

Zymot test

This is a test, or filter, for sperm motility. It’s easy to do and costs just £20. It’s used in IVF clinics to separate active from inactive sperm. Only some clinics have the facility for this test.


So, the above is information about the kind of tests and the results you get.

What is ABSOLUTELY clear is this. Men, you can do a great deal to improve the quality and energy of your sperm.

Get investigated!
Get yourself checked!

But … you need to get investigated, right from the start. Your female companion will feel supported by your decision. Otherwise, you’re putting all the onus on her.

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Male Infertility Causes

An INVESTIGATION into Male Infertility – do this first!

Whoever you see should do a proper investigation of your health and healthy history.

This would cover, amongst other things:

  • Your medical history, including of your parents.
  • Childhood diseases (mumps, undescended testes etc)
  • Infections and antibiotic treatments (eg STDs)
  • Injuries especially to your scrotum and testes
  • Surgery that has impaired the supply of blood and nerves to your testes, eg surgery for an inguinal hernia
  • Note! The hormone messages that tell your body to descend your testes are similar to the hormone messages that kick off sperm production. So if there were problems with undescended testes, there may be hormone problems with sperm production.

Here’s a list of things NOT to do for Male Fertility

It isn’t all inclusive, just some ideas – and some factors are included under several headings!


red mushroom on green grass
Avoid poisons
  • DO NOT SMOKE! Tobacco, and almost certainly Weed etc, introduce oxidative stress into your body, depleting healthy sperm production. Weed is considered very bad for fertility. I’m pretty sure e-cigarettes are a problem too.
  • Medications and Drugs. This is difficult for you if you are on major, long-term medication for your health. Many of these drugs (eg auto-immune system suppressants, steroids, major drugs) create havoc with your hormones, leading to lower or impaired sperm production. If you take such medication, ask your GP if it might affect your fertility!


Other Environment Toxins

  • Toxic chemical exposure: aerosol use eg paints, solvent use, pesticides, chemical fertilisers, oils, fumigants, laboratory chemical use. Amazing what we’re exposed to these days!
  • AIRBORNE TOXINS. This may not be easy to deal with, but airborne toxins, ie air pollution is estimated to cause three times more deaths than the combined impact of TB, AIDS and malaria, and 15 times more than wars and violence. “Much of this particulate matter ultimately ends up being distributed throughout our bodies (and in other living organisms), leading to a multitude of disorders primarily involving the lungs, livers, kidneys and reproductive organs, as well as the immune system, and they can cause or aggravate everything from atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat) to asthma and even heart attacks.” WDDTY. Airborne toxins include pesticides so even living far from city traffic pollution is not perfect if the farmers near you regularly apply insecticides etc to their crops. (You wonder what you can do about this? An organic diet quickly helps to remove the ill-effects of pesticides in your food, and keeping plants in your living areas also helps clear toxins from the air. Some plants are particularly good at this, including ivy.)
  • Plastic packaging Bisphenol A (BPA) is associated with obesity and other health issues. It is commonly used in plastic to wrap food for pre-prepared, processed food, and for drinks including drinking water and colas. Drink water from glass bottles and filter tap water. It is difficult to avoid plastic in this modern world, where plastics are highly prevalent and contain endocrine disrupting chemicals. These can mimic oestrogen, which counteracts testosterone. So, for your packed lunch, avoid plastic boxes. Over a period, plastic can increase male infertility. Where possible, keep food and water in glass, earthenware or ceramic containers, eg in the fridge.




  • Don’t eat it. It’s full of fats, sugar and salt. (Also, most of it comes wrapped in plastic! See above.) It’s highly concentrated. It’s highly processed. It lacks moisture so it’s dry (think pizza, chicken nuggets, crisps, roasted peanuts) so your body (your liver) has to metabolise all this nonsense and draws moisture from its own reserves to do so. Much of the waste products of this metabolism ends up as litter in your blood, which then can’t nourish your testes so your sperm don’t flourish as they should. See also under alcohol, below.
Junk food kills male fertility
Eat too much junk food and you can forget male fertility!
  • Too much junk food has a heating effect on your metabolism. You need enough good food to make healthy blood (unless you are vegan or vegetarian, when you are probably already aware of what you should eat to compensate for a lack of meat). Especially, avoid processed and smoked meat, including barbequed meat. The World Health Authority says processed meat is as big a cancer risk as cigarettes, alcohol and asbestos combined! ‘Processed’ includes bacon, ham, sausages and other processed eg smoked meats. They are often full of pigmentations and preservatives, salt and sometimes sugar too. When you eat a lot of meat and processed meat you probably don’t eat enough green vegetables, giving yourself a double male infertility whammy! Meat includes ham, beef, lamb, pork, mince and hamburgers.


  • Reduce or stop drinking ALCOHOL. This is also metabolised by your liver and that produces HEAT and WASTE products that also contaminate your blood. Also, of course, it can incline your body towards obesity and diabetes. Neither helps your erections without which your sperm can’t leap forth in heroic action. (See our page on erectile dysfunction.)
  • Reduce CAFFEINE. Caffeine (eg in coffee and cola) gives you a quick boost but it drains your reserves, some of which are needed for sperm production. Read our page on coffee. Also, your liver must metabolise it, leading to oxidative stress.


Your testicles are outside your body for good reasons! To keep them cooler, enhancing sperm production. Anything that keeps them too warm is bad news.

  • Over-straining stuff too heavy for you is a bad idea. It leads, in Chinese medicine to Kidney Yang deficiency, and in Western medicine to oxidative stress in your body: too much garbage lying around contaminating your blood – leading to deficient sperm production.


Overlifting can harm healthy sperm production

  • Sitting or working without moving around much, leading to heat in your testicular area. Long distance drivers? Sitting for hours at a computer? Sitting cross-legged? Canoeists? 
  • Working with a laptop on your lap, or when relaxing, sitting with a pet (eg a cat) in your lap all evening. These can raise the temperature in your testes, impairing healthy sperm production.
  • Jobs that cause heat in your lower abdomen and testes area. example, chefs and, in the past, stokers.
  • Weight-lifting: overstrains you and causes heat build-up. Of course, weight-lifting isn’t the only possible cause. People who wear tight clothing while exercising heavily for hours on end have the same problem. Cyclists – Lycra? Divers working in hot suits? Also, remember that if to build muscle you take steroids, they will harm your own hormonal system. Likewise, protein shakes can contain small amounts of anabolic steroids which upset your sperm production and over time could lead to male infertility.
  • Overuse of hot places like saunas and steam-rooms. Avoid spending too long in a hot bath, sauna, steam-room or shower. Warm up, then get out! (Read our page on the best way to take a COLD shower.)
  • Any tight clothing for work or play eg cycling can lead to male infertility.
  • Overuse of hot bean bags on your low abdomen, for easing pain or to warm you up. Look for other solutions.

One Last Problem, causing Heat in your Balls!

  • MOBILE PHONES! Don’t keep them in pockets near your testes. They emit heat and radio wavelengths that may impair sperm production. Yes! Really! Cell signals can penetrate several inches into your skin. Cell-phone radiation is known to damage DNA (J Comput Assist Tomogr, 2010; 34: 799-807) and (Int J Oncol, 2008; 32: 1097-103) One study has shown a reduction in sperm count levels of 30 per cent in men who carry a mobile phone near their groin. (WDDTY VOL. 21 ISSUE 12) Mobile phones (ie cell-phones) can cause male infertility.


Male Infertility Treatment – WHAT YOU CAN DO about Male Infertility!

Male infertility needs action!

There are seven ways men can take charge of male fertility.

1/ STOP doing what makes it worse – see above!

2/ FOOD for Male Fertility

Eating foods that enhance fertility is probably the simplest way to help male infertility. But it isn’t necessarily the easiest! Changing what and how we eat is difficult. Old habits and peer pressure stop us. Still it’s good to know the foods that help, and work towards eating more of them.

a. Colourful food

Food that is naturally red, blue, yellow, orange, green, purple … Think of

  • red fruit (raspberries, plums, cherry, red peppers, carrots, radish, tomato … for example)
  • blue food (blueberries; some cabbage is almost blue)
  • Yellow food (yellow peppers, squash, banana, also yellow lentils)
  • Orange food (oranges, apricots, peaches)
  • Green food (leafy vegetables, spinach, broccoli, kale, cabbage, gooseberries, green peppers, asparagus, avocado)
  • Purple food (some types of cabbage, plums)


The more colourful food you eat, the wider the range of health benefits for male fertility, your heart and your testes!

Also, buy it fresh. Old food may or may not lose its colour, but its nutritional value deteriorates with time.

By the way, I’ve put this first for a good reason. Colourful food contains huge amounts of vital minerals and vitamins that you don’t get from colourless, junk-type food. So please, pay attention!

b. Oils and Male Fertility

Your body needs various kinds of oils and fats, including some saturated fats like butter and milk (but too much saturated fat lowers sperm count!).

But the best fats for fertility include those from oily fish with their omega 3 type oils.

Oily fish for male fertility
Many cold water fish help male fertility, including mackerel, herring and salmon

Other oils are good too, such as olive oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, also the fats you get in nuts and seeds, such as walnut, almond and brazil nuts.

However, before taking oily food, use your nose! Does it smell ‘fishy’, or ‘off’? If so, get rid of it, and replace it with fresh.

Many nuts, like walnuts, keep best in the fridge to delay their oxidation. If you can, buy nuts in their original shells and crack them open yourself, but this is not always easy or possible. In their original shells they usually keep for longer.


c. COOKING and Male Infertility

Cooking usually makes a food easier to eat and digest. It also adds warmth, which benefits absorption.

Microwave cooking

Microwave food as little as possible. If you cannot avoid microwaving food, transfer it first to earthenware dishes, then microwave it.

A quote from the US FDA: “Microwave radiation can heat body tissue the same way it heats food. Exposure to high levels of microwaves can cause a painful burn. Two areas of the body, the eyes and the testes, are particularly vulnerable to RF heating because there is relatively little blood flow in them to carry away excess heat. “ (

Does microwave cooking adversely affect the food itself? The WHO says not, but there is no doubt that it can remove, or destroy, up to 97% of the flavonoids in food. Flavanoids  are plant compounds which are anti-inflammatory. Microwaving them destroys up to a third more than by boiling. However, it depends for how long you microwave the food.

There is another possible danger, which comes from plastic containers and wraps for the food you microwave. Microwaving can release some of oestrogenic compounds into what you eat from the plastics. Scientists haven’t finally decided about this, but when in doubt, if male infertility is your problem, better avoid it.

So, to microwave or heat up a food, it is better to transfer it first into a non-plastic container, such as an earthenware or ceramic bowl.

If you don’t transfer the foods, then over time you will slightly increase the plastic load on your body, even if for any one dish the danger is minimal. The trouble is that you don’t need much plastic in your diet or environment to disrupt your hormones.

d. WATER and Male Infertility

Drink more water.

Drinking clean water from glass vessels
Fluid from Water!

It’s that simple. However, if your urine is already clear, or only a slighty yellow colour, you may be drinking enough already and too much – from the point of view of Chinese medicine – may be disadvantageous.

(Why? Because you need Kidney Yang energy to warm your Stomach and Spleen to digest what you swallow. Water is a yin substance, so too much yin can swamp your Kidney yang. (Read more about yin and yang here.)

Kidney yang energy provides you with warmth and get up and go. Without it, you’ll lack get up and go, you know where!)

Water is the foundation for blood and seminal fluids. We need fluid for sperm to swim through on their way to glory!

e. SUPPLEMENTS and Male Fertility

Getting your diet right is more important than taking supplements. See above for what not to do.

  • Zinc is vital for healthy sperm production. Take in the form of nuts, like walnuts, almonds, brazil and hazelnuts, and seeds like sunflower, hemp and sesame.
  • Selenium
  • Carnitine if you eat little meat
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • What about antioxidants like glutathione? Yes, if you know you suffer from oxidative stress, take them. Otherwise, not too much.

3. CLOTHING and Male Fertility

Wear loose clothing, such as boxer shorts, instead of tight underpants. Let air circulate and keep everything cool down there. Avoid wearing tight clothing (eg  Lycra-type) for long periods ie more than an hour or two.

4. STRESS MANAGEMENT and Male Infertility

Stress is a cause of tension and over time it upsets your metabolism and cana certainly lead to erectile dysfunction.

It upsets your digestion, which means you don’t make such good Blood, which means you don’t make such good sperm.  To make healthy sperm you need a more relaxed style of life.

Address the cause of your stress where you can. If it is unavoidable, take measures to reduce the negative effects of stress from  your body, regularly. For example:

  • Exercise – but not ultra-competitive! Walking, cycling and yoga. Do less running and weights. Just learn to slow down! But find a form of exercise that gets you out of breath for 10-20 minutes each time, several times a day.
  • Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Shiatsu
Acupuncture for male infertility from stress
Acupuncture treatment uses no medications.
  • Acupuncture – can be VERY effective! I’ve treated thousands of people for stress with acupuncture. I even wrote THE book about it!
  • (What? You’ve no time to read my book? Oh Awl right, look at our page on it instead.)
  • Take time out to relax with friends
  • Counselling may help you see things differently
  • Support groups can be powerful aids to change – for suggestions, see below


5. EJACULATE REGULARLY for Male Fertility

Too often, and your energy will deteriorate, says Chinese medicine, but the younger you are, the less of a problem this is.

Regular ejaculation keeps the freshest sperm at the front of the queue, where you want them. These are the sprinters, quicker than the dawdlers in the rear.

There’s only one winner, and that’s the fastest and fittest.

Remember, sperm die after about a month.

How often to ejaculate? Every few days is good, for most young men. Cut sperm loose regularly! (But older men should be more cautious – perhaps once a week.)

During the female’s fertility ‘window’ of time, there’s no need to perform every day because live sperm in her vagina and tubes can survive for 3 – 5 days. That means sex can be less of an onerous duty for you both and more of a pleasure.

6.  MEDICAL CHECK-UPS for Male Infertility

If you have had a proper male infertility investigation and received a fertility assessment – not just a semen analysis – then regular check-ups with an expert make sense to assess progress and see if, by following the suggestions above, you are making progress towards more healthy sperm.

7. SUPPORT GROUPS and Further Information

support groups for male infertility
Growth from nourishing, supportive environments.

These do exist, and even men who normally never ‘join’ anything say they are really helpful.






TREATMENT for Male Infertility

Men aren’t always convinced that acupuncture and Chinese herbal can help male infertility!

But they can.

Moxa with acupuncture can help many forms of male infertility
Herbs and acupuncture

These forms of treatment help the male metabolism work better, approaching it from a completely different perspective, using a philosophy of health that is at least 2500 years old, tried and tested.

That way of thinking about health is laid out on other pages on this site. Once  you get your head round it you realise how it can both explain and treat many health issues.

And they do it without medication. Usually, you start feeling better within a few hours, if not within a day or two: just more relaxed and healthy.

That healthier state helps promote better sperm production.

For an acupuncturist near you:




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