Lung 7 Lieque: Narrow Defile/Broken Sequence

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Lung point 7, LU-7, Lieque, is the seventh point on the Lung acupuncture channel.

For acupuncturists it has some important properties:

Location of Lieque

First location: the most accepted location is 1.5 cun proximal to Large Intestine 5 (Yangxi), just proximal to the styloid process of the radius bone in the depression between the two tendons. This is a small point and should be needled by pinching the skin and needling transversely under the skin, either up or down the arm.


There is no need to needle perpendicularly here to get deqi. For one thing needling perpendicularly can be very sore (yes, I’ve done it and had it done to me!) and for another, pinching the skin and then needling into it usually gets deqi just fine.


Second location: an alternative location, on the anterior surface of the arm, is on the line between Lung 9 and Lung 5, approximately 2 cun proximal to the wrist crease, just lateral to the radial artery. Here you needle perpendicularly. It can also be sore: a heavy ache, slightly numbing.

For a short discussion of the differences between these points, see under ‘Comment’ below.


Needling Depth

0.5 cun


Needling Sensation 

can often be felt to the thumb and first finger, or upwards towards Lung point 5, Chize. It depends on which way the point is needled, but even aiming to send deqi up the arm towards the elbow sometimes doesn’t work and you still get the sensation in the thumb or forefinger. Don’t worry too much: it still seems to work. The sensation can be nervy, like an electic current, but this occurs more at the first location.

Actions of Lung Point 7

  • Regulates the normal function of the Lungs, its channels and collaterals
  • Opens up the Lungs, disperses Wind
  • Strengthens the dispersing function of the Lung, particularly invasion by Wind-Cold
  • Tonifies defensive (wei) qi: releases Wind from the exterior
    Regulates the water passages
  • Powerful stimulant of qi anywhere in the body, which in turn moves Blood
  • As Master point for the Conception channel, treats problems along that channel, such as sore throat, gynaecological and uro-genital problems
  • A powerful point for problems in the head or nape of the neck, including headaches and melancholic behaviour

Indications for Lung Point 7, LU-7

  • Invasion of external pathogenic factors, especially Wind-cold, such as sneezing, cough, chills, fever, sweating etc
    Lung zang problems: difficulty breathing, wheezing, cough, chest phlegm being coughed up (or to stimulate its expulsion from the lungs)
  • From the Lung channel’s connections with Large Intestine channel in the face and head: blocked nose, nose and sinus problems, nasal polyps. In the head, migraine, headache and neck stiffness, lockjaw, hemiplegia, Bell’s palsy and deviation of the mouth
  • Conception Vessel problems such as: facial paralysis, inability to open the mouth and talk, heavy feeling in the chest, urogenital problems like impotence, pain in the genitals, blood in the urine, pain urinating, fainting, problems conceiving, sore vagina, retained placenta – these are just a few possible examples
  • Lung channel problems in the arm: weakness in the arm or wrist, pain in the wrist, tendonitis and stagnant blood from repetitive strain injury along the channel 
  • Lung Water regulation issues such as oedema of the extremities, puffy face after sleep (or under the eyes in the morning), problems urinating
  • Upper and lower jiao (burning places) imbalances: hypertension, loss of consciousness – perhaps from fright, epilepsy
  • From Lung-Liver (Ko cycle) imbalances: sadness, yawning, stretching to breathe, frequent sighing, tension in the chest and spine or back, full sensation in the sides (otherwise better for exercise)

Specific actions as Lung Luo point

Lieque, this point, is the Luo-connecting point for the Lung. As such it has a number of specific properties related to that function.

  • Wind in the Lung luo-connecting channel: dislike of cold; fever; sneezing, cough
  • Fullness in the Lung luo-connecting channel: hot palms and wrists
  • Emptiness in the Lung Luo-connecting channel: frequent urination; urinary incontinence; yawning
  • Qi Stagnation in the Lung Luo-connecting channel: chest feels (and may actually  be) distended: it feels tight, bursting
  • Blood stasis in the Lung Luo-connecting channel: cough with spitting up of blood; chest pain
  • Pathology of deep luo channel of Lung: coughing up blood and/or nosebleed
  • Heat in deep connecting-vessel of Lung: coughing up blood, or nosebleed, red face, thirst

Comment on Lung point 7

The two locations given for the point are in fact so far apart that it is arguable they are different points, especially since the former is needled transversely under the skin and the tip of the needle goes nowhere near the location of the other point.

The first location of the point is on the more yang line of the Large Intestine channel. However, since Lieque is the connecting point between the Lung and the Large Intestine channels, it may be that when needled at this location the point is better for treating invading pathogenic factors like Wind-cold and Wind-Heat, and yang areas of the body like the head.

Its other location, clearly on the Lung meridian line, (a yin line) may be better when opening up, with Kidney 6, the Conception channel and for stimulating Yin, and treating fullness, phlegm and wheezing of the chest.

The Lung zang controls the Water passages, and so sudden oedema in all four limbs can be treated from here too.

This point connects Lung and Large Intestine channels and both have a significant effect on the whole qi of the body, helping to move it.

A powerful point for problems in the head or nape of the neck, including headaches and melancholic behaviour.


Lung 7 During Pregnancy




  • By some texts Lung point 7 is forbidden during pregnancy but I have used it during pregnancy very successfully when appropriate. However, as its action moves Lung qi so strongly, and because Lung qi has a descending function, in pregnancy ensure before using it that either:
  • the mother is not weakened and therefore prone to miscarriage or that 
  • – when using it you combine its use with other points that support the Spleen qi to hold qi up.

Remember that Lung point 7 is also the Exit point, connecting with the Large Intestine channel. This gives you another way to balance energy between the two channels.


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