Liver 11
Yin lian       Yin Angle

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Liver 11, Yin lian, Yin Angle or Screen, is a great acupuncture point on the Liver channel: mainly used for uterine and fertility issues.


  • Liver 11 is approximately 2 cun inferior to Stomach 30 Qichong, which itself lies 2 cun lateral to Ren 2.
  • To find this point, the patient should lie with legs spread wide. There is a big tendon between the thigh and the abdomen: this tendon arises from the lower border of pubic bone. This point is in the hollow, anterior to that tendon.

Needling Yin Lian

Needle vertically or obliquely to the skin, up to 1.5 cun. If needled obliquely, be careful if doing so laterally, as the femoral vein passes nearby.

Sensation on needling Yin lian

Local distending sensation that may ascend to the sexual organs or the lower abdomen, or down the medial thigh.


Moxa: up to 3 cones. Classical texts say fertility benefits from moxa on this point.

Action of Liver 11

Yin Angle appears to benefit the sexual organs, in particular the uterus and is used mainly for

  • sterility
  • infertility
  • irregular menstruation
  • damp-heat, damp-cold and Qi stagnation in the local area, groin and genitals
  • ... but also for other pain local to the point in the groin, hip, thigh or knee


I probably don't use this point as much as I should.

  • Partly that is due to its location - not everybody is happy to be prodded here.
  • Partly also, because there are many other powerful acupuncture points that appear to assist the menses and fertility, so this point tends to be forgotten.

As to moxa here, again, many women are very sensitive here. But one should not overlook the experience of ancient acupuncturists.

This is also a local point for pain.

The Liver stores Blood and the Liver's partner, the Gallbladder, is intimately connected with the tendons.

Hip-pain may be due to poor nourishment of the tendons holding the femur in place. Yin Lian is a good local point on the Liver channel to assist.

If possible, having gained Qi, direct the needle and Qi towards the main area of pain. But don't forget the remarks about the veins and artery, see Needling Liver 11, above. Although those cautions apply more to Liver 12, they also apply to this point.

This point is like Pericardium 2, which is in a somewhat similar place on the arm in relation to the shoulder-joint as is Yinlian to the hip-joint.

Whereas this point deals mainly with the Uterus and genitals, Pericardium 2, in addition to its local uses, affects the Heart and the space round it.

There is a very strong connection, in Chinese medical theory, between the Heart and the Uterus. I conjecture that Pericardium 2 might be a point to help with the uterus and fertility and Yin Lian might be beneficial to the Heart energy.

I haven't tried this often enough to be sure.

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