Lung 6: Kongxui – Great Opening

Lung 6 Kongzui
Lung 6 Kongzui

Lung Point 6 is the sixth point on the Lung acupuncture channel:

  • Xi-cleft point of the Lung channel. This means it has functions far beyond being just useful for problems in the forearm. See comment below. Xi-cleft points are part of TCM theory.

Location of Kongxui

Needle Kongxui on the anterior surface of the arm, 7 cun proximal to Lung 9, lateral to the flexor carpi radialis muscle.

Measure the distance between the elbow and wrist creases and divide it by 12. This point is 7/12 proximal from the wrist crease, and therefore 5/12 of the distance from the elbow crease towards the wrist.

To find it, turn the palm to face upwards and find at the wrist Lung point 9 (Taiyuan) and then Lung point 5 (Chize) at the elbow, just lateral to the tendon.

The point lies on a fairly straight line between these points. There is a hollow or depression at the point which may be sensitive to probing.

Needling Lung 6

Needle the point perpendicularly or obliquely to the skin surface, up to 1.5 cun. If deqi is obtained strongly here it can be directed up to the lung organ.

Actions of Kongxui

  • Regulates and descends rebellious Lung qi
  • Spreads and descends Lung qi
  • Cools heat and Stops bleeding especially from the lung
  • Moistens the lung
  • Causes sweating

Indications for using ‘Great Opening’

Used more to clear acute and full Lung conditions, both hot and cold, than in deficiency conditions:

  • Cough, asthma, pain in the chest, sore throat, loss of voice, coughing or spitting blood from the lungs
  • Feverish conditions when there is no sweating: consequently can be used in Wind-cold and Wind-heat situations when sweat has not broken. But better for Wind-Heat than Wind-Cold unless with the latter the patient has started to feel uncomfortably hot – perhaps from taking a hot bath – (read more about Wind-Heat and Wind-Cold by clicking here)
  • Acute pain anywhere along the Lung channel, for example in the shoulder, arm, wrist or hand, or in the chest connected with breathing
  • The point can also be used for acute pain in the epigastrium, where the Lung channel originates

Comment on Lung Point 6

This point is often easy to find (you can do it by eye), useful and powerful.

Many people take social drugs or medication, alcohol or tobacco, that affect their breathing and lead to what are called fullness and heat in the blood. In emergency, the point can be massaged by hand to activate it.

It can help many breathing conditions, including loss of voice and where there is blood loss from the lungs (from invasion by external pathogenic factors).

There are other points on the line between Lung 5 and Lung 9 that greatly help the same conditions as Lung 6. Palpate to find them. Some of them come from the heritage of Dr Tung.


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