Lung Meridian Points

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Lung meridian points lie along the Lung acupuncture meridian or 'Lung channel'.

There are eleven (11) points and they include at least three very important ones.

Being the Governor of Qi in the body, the Lung is responsible for ensuring you have both enough Spirit and Bounce to live healthily. 

Some of the points are used to clear or strengthen the lungs, others are more for helping you with your outlook on life.

At least one point is really good for sore throats!

The Lung meridian works very closely with both the Large Intestine meridian and the Liver to maintain smooth running of your life and immune system.

The Lung Meridian points shown are only those which are treated directly on the Lung meridian.

The Lung Meridian actually goes much deeper. For instance, it is thought to start near or within the stomach, to go down from there to enter the large intestine then ascend through the diaphragm and lungs to the throat.

Only then does it appear on the surface at Lung point 1 - Zhongfu - from where it goes down the arm, ending at the thumbnail.

Control points on the Lung Meridian

Some acupuncture points on meridians between elbow and fingertips are particularly important. Since antiquity, they have been respected for the actions they perform not just locally to the points themselves but in what we might call the metabolism of the body.

These are the Five Shu, or Five Element points.

In addition, on the Lung meridian, its Luo-Connecting or Junction point, Lieque, (Lung Point 7) has influence in many areas far beyond most of the other meridians' Luo-Connecting points.

Lung Points

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