Spleen Channel points: your Spleen meridian

This Spleen channel points list links to individual Spleen points for deeper study. The Spleen: Your Great Housekeeper!

Spleen channel points lie along the Spleen acupuncture meridian or ‘Spleen channel’.

There are twenty-one (21) such acupuncture points on this channel and they include at least three very important ones which treat issues to do with yin and yang, Qi, Blood, Damp and Phlegm.

To find out what your Spleen does in Chinese medicine, click on Spleen. (For what it does in Western medicine, click here.)


Individual Spleen Channel Points

Click on each Spleen point for a page about it. Only points in red have connected pages. The others will turn red as we write pages for them.

Spleen 1YinbaiHidden White
Spleen 2DaduGreat Capital
Spleen 3TaibaiSupreme White
Spleen 4GongsunGrandfather-Grandson
Spleen 5ShangqiuShang mound
Spleen 6SanyinjiaoThree yin intersection
Spleen 7LouguLeaky Valley
Spleen 8DijiEarth Motivator
Spleen 9YinlingquanYin Mound Spring
Spleen 10XuehaiSea of Blood
Spleen 11JimenWinnowing Gate
Spleen 12ChongmenRushing Gate
Spleen 13FusheFu Abode
Spleen 14FujieAbdomen Knot
Spleen 15DahengGreat Horizontal
Spleen 16FuaiAbdomen Sorrow
Spleen 17ShidouFood Drain
Spleen 18TianxiHeavenly Stream
Spleen 19XiongxiangChest Region
Spleen 20ZhourongEncircling Glory
Spleen 21DabaoGreat Enveloping

Being the Transformer and Transporter your Spleen keeps everything going along under the surface.

swan swimming on lake, its legs like the action of the Spleen channel
Swan – busy under the surface! Photo by Mat Reding

That’s rather like a swan’s legs, paddling vigorously – out of sight – as it glides by. 

Some of Spleen points clear Damp and Phlegm, others strengthen Blood and steady the Shen, your spirit.

Your Spleen works very closely with your Stomach and with your Heart, so it helps your Stomach digest and absorb food, and it helps your Heart maintain it’s ‘cool’.

It starts on the medial side of your big toe and ends at a point on the side of your chest inferior to your axilla. In between it connects with many important points on other channels.


Control points on the Spleen Meridian (Spleen Channel)

Some acupuncture points on meridians between knee and toe-tips are particularly important. Since antiquity, acupuncturists have respected them for the special actions they perform. These actions are not just local to the points themselves but affect the metabolism of the body.

These special points are the Five Transport or Shu points.

In another context they become the Five Element points. Read our page on 5 Element theory to understand more about this.

In addition, on the Spleen channel, its Luo-Connecting point, Gongsun, (Spleen 4) has influence over your inherited constitution. For many women it can often help with gynaecological issues.

But Spleen points can be important for everyone.

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