Weight Loss Control

Weight Loss Control
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No use trying to lose weight unless you’ve got your Weight Loss Controller working for and not against you!

What’s that? In Chinese medicine, which has been around for 2500 years, rather longer than Western medicine, this is your …


Heart energy


Healthy Weight Control means building the house of your dreams
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Take Weight Loss Control and Build a New Body

Using acupuncture for weight loss control, would you expect your acupuncturist to overlook the most important energy in your body?

The Heart, as far as digestion and health is concerned, introduces one final and vital aspect to Blood (from the point of view of Chinese medicine). Your Heart gives your blood life movement. After all, without the Heart, it won’t move. 

In terms of yin and yang, your Heart provides your blood with YANG.

Until blood passes through the heart organ, it isn’t what Chinese medicine regards as being Blood. The Heart adds this vital ‘ingredient’.

Since your whole body is nourished by your Blood … it is rather important to make sure that your Heart is working OK!

Using acupuncture for weight loss control HAS to take account of this.

Just a pump?

You may think that the heart is merely a pump, and that the blood entering it is the same as the blood leaving it and of course, I agree: I doubt you could find any chemical difference between the two bloods, before and after.

And, you might ask, what about artificial, substitute, replacement or transplant heart organs? Please don’t confuse the physical heart organ with the Heart function in Chinese medicine.

The latter is a far bigger concept, and acupuncture for weight loss control treats the Heart function.

Without that ceaseless regular pumping, you die: it isn’t the SpleenLiverKidneys or the Lungs which provide the pump – although actually the lungs can provide a sort of pump, otherwise modern CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) techniques would fail.

But nobody suggests that you could live without your heart working.

The main sign of death is when the heart stops.

So the Chinese concept that the Heart provides life, creating Blood, is not so far-fetched.


Heart blood health with red cells flowing through three dimensional veins from the human circulatory system representing a medical health care symbol of cardiology and cardiovascular fitness.


Your Heart’s Function in Chinese medicine

When using acupuncture for weight loss, the Heart Organ function is vital for keeping you on course.

The Heart belongs to the Fire Element or Phase of life. Read more about Fire here, but you can get some idea of what Fire does in you by thinking about how you use fire: probably mainly for cooking and heating your house.

Sitting round a fire must have been an essential part of the fabric of human society since before the last ice age. It’s like a spark from the sun brought down to comfort us as a centre to congregate around.

The sun is the source of all life because it provides us with warmth, and warmth stirs life. Were there no sun, our planets would not exist and nor would we. The sun is the centre of gravity of the solar system and, you could say, controls it.


Fire - spark of life
Fireworks – Photo by Riley McCullough – Unsplash

Similarly, your Heart energy controls your life and regulates its seasons. In your body, Chinese medicine says your Heart governs all your other Organs (for instance your Liver, Lungs, Spleen, Kidneys, Stomach etc), like an Emperor controlling all his Ministers.

Without that direction and control, without that reason for being there, the court falls apart.

So in your life: your Heart energy is your single most important energy and is intimately involved in your desire and decision to lose weight and ultimately in your success in that.


What if your Heart doesn’t control?

Weight Loss Control

If your Heart organ fails to do its job, you lose control of your aims in life and of your body systems: your objectives change daily, you can’t stick to decisions, you don’t even realise you’re not thinking clearly, and you’re easily thrown off course by outside suggestions.

Physically you can’t get off to sleep, your dreams are restless, your emotions unpredictable and unstable, and friends start avoiding you.

Worse: you think they’re avoiding you!

As far as using acupuncture for weight loss control is concerned, with your Heart energy imbalanced, you probably change your diet daily!


What use is that?

In short, with your Heart organ imbalanced, you’re desperate for help but intolerant when it comes. Worse, you panic easily.

You want someone else to be responsible until you’re ready to take control again yourself. That’s why you look outwards for advice, you read books and watch videos on dieting and health.

Even so, you never feel quite certain you’re doing it right for very long.

You want attention but you’re anxious what people might say.


What can you do to help your Heart?

Plenty! You can improve your Heart function with skilled acupuncture for weight loss control – on other words, to balance your Heart.

(Of course, you don’t have to be receiving acupuncture just for weight loss control. Acupuncture helps any number of health conditions!)


Pulse taking before acupuncture treatment for depression
Acupuncture pulse-taking: photo by Antonika Chanel per Unsplash

So … What can you do to help yourself?

Your acupuncturist will probably suggest you do a number of things that together or individually could make a huge difference.

However, do bear this in mind: usually your Heart energy is protected by your other Organ energies. Unless you’ve had a severe shock, your Heart energy is one of the last Organ energies to suffer.

Even if it improves fast, you won’t benefit fully from acupuncture for weight loss until the other organs mend.

So getting better doesn’t happen overnight. It does take time.

  • Regular meals, the right food, chewing and eating properly: you’d expect this to be high on the list, of course, but Chinese ideas on Nutrition are intelligent and ancient and may help.
  • Regular meditation or prayer: You probably didn’t expect this suggestion, but quiet contemplation every day is very steadying and helps you to see how your mind buzzes around all the time unless regulated.
  • Sympathetic company that encourages interaction. Yes, and choose company that is supportive and, preferably, makes you laugh a bit!
  • Regular exercise. If you want a healthy heart, and if you want to lose weight, you must exercise. The human race has seldom been overweight in the past, because we needed our bodies to escape predators, to dig, carry and build. Hard work, and that’s what are genes know about. Also they knew about fasting, unfortunately necessary in times of peril or famine. Exercise keeps you fit, better able to survive these problems.
  • Yoga and certain stretches can benefit your Heart channel, helping your Heart function.
  • Regular times for sleep (see our page on insomnia)


However, a healthy Heart organ energy isn’t the end of the story.

For the next part of it, click on Healthy Weight Loss.

Otherwise, click on one of the other links below to read about other vital aspects of this.


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