Yin Deficiency Recipes

Celeriac Soup - great for empty yin!
Celeriac Soup recipe below

Looking for Yin Deficiency Recipes that, being Yin deficient, you can use to improve your health?

  • Also, recipes that aren’t cloaked in Chinese medical mumbo-jumbo? Well, sorry, no. You’re going to get a bit of that because this site tries to explain Chinese medicine in English. Sorry.
  • A growing range of meals that may tempt you away from your hard coffee-drinking habits towards a steadier alertness and better sleep?
  • Meals that combine a range of different tastes and qualities and are fairly safe for anyone to take.

Arrived here and not sure what Yin Deficiency is?

  • You can get it from overworking
  • And there are other causes too. In fact, I’ve written a book about it, because it’s not recognised in Western medicine but plays an important part in Chinese medicine – see below. 


Yin Deficiency Book Cover


Still, you don’t have to read the book, you can find out more by clicking Yin Deficiency. (Then you can read the book!)


To be useful, Yin deficiency recipes needs to be based on a bit of theory. Chinese herbal medicine probably began as kitchen medicine, handed down through generations by people who lived close to the earth and became aware of the health effects of what they ate.

Later, Chinese doctors began to fit these experiences into a theory of health and disease, classifying foods in great detail.

One of the basic classifications was between Yin and Yang: did the food tend to increase Yin or Yang, or reduce Yin or Yang?

If you are Yin deficient, you might think that to put yourself right all you need to do is eat Yin-promoting foods. You would be wrong.

Why? Because you need Yang foods also to help you absorb Yin qualities. Otherwise, too much Yin food might produce Yin excess.

What you should definitely do is avoid foods and substances that make your Yin deficiency worse. These are foods that are too Yang.

Please add Your Suggestions!

I don’t claim to be all-knowing about either Yin Deficiency or about Yin Deficiency recipes. 

Nor am I such a brilliant cook that people fall over themselves to dine at my table! However, I have suffered from Yin deficiency and know what helped me.

I hope others will contribute recipes and food suggestions, so that these pages may grow and become a useful resource for others.

Where to go for your Yin Deficiency recipes

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