Yuck Phlegm! Hope you dislike the cover picture!

Yuck Phlegm is the title of my book on phlegm. If the picture makes you recoil, you’re in good company. Whoever talks about phlegm, anyway?
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 We all need mucus, that’s clear!

Yuck Phlegm! – that’s something else. It hangs around, blocks your airways, muffles your voice, stifles sleep, and slows you down. 

On the web there are a hundred sites giving you advice of all sorts.

This site has several pages that explain Phlegm and phlegm after eating.

But none of the sites I saw really took the trouble to explain, for each of the FIVE MAIN types of phlegm:


  • who – what kind of person – tends to get it
  • when – ie in what situations – it gets worse
  • where it came from
  • how to recognise it
  • what you are doing to maintain it
  • what NOT to do – for each type
  • which herbs not to take
  • what worked – for each type – and WHY it worked
  • which herbs might help and why


So I wrote the book: ‘Yuck Phlegm!’

Then I wrote it again. Then I asked patients with a history of phlegm what they thought, and re-wrote it again.

In fact it’s had about a dozen re-writes. And there’ll be more.

But I’m quite pleased with it, so far.


The Cover for Yuck Phlegm!

Then I asked my cover designer for a cover for Yuck Phlegm that would evoke a reaction, but also show how the contents could help.

I showed his cover to my wife, who recoiled.

I showed it to my daughter – who recoiled.

I showed it to my son – who recoiled.

In fact, everyone recoiled. 

Very satisfactory!

How about you?


Review it, please!

Once you’ve read Yuck Phlegm, do please review it, for example on Amazon and/or in the box further down.

Phlegm is a form of excess yin. After reading the book you’ll understand a whole lot more about this!

Your constructive comments will help me improve the book for the next person. (Currently I’m publishing it through Amazon’s Create Space, so it’s fairly easy to improve the text.)

I’m all for Self-Help and having read the book you’ll be better placed to get the best out of your acupuncturist!

Contents and Theory

But make no mistake, the contents are based around a very sound theory, well over 2500 years old and in regular use worldwide every day: Chinese medicine has a huge contribution to make.

In the Introduction I explain why I know something about it all.



Chapter 1 gets right down and dirty into it and shows you how to decide which kind(s) of phlegm you have. Yuck! Phlegm! indeed!

The next chapters show the kind of underlying situations and habits, physical and mental, that contribute to it.

Then there is a chapter on the kinds of thing you’ll read elsewhere on the web that people suggest for it.

Some of them are really good suggestions, but the relationship between the suggestion and the kind of phlegm isn’t explained.

So you could easily keep trying something for ages and not really understand why it doesn’t work.

Or more likely you’ll give up after a few days and try something else, without really being any the wiser.

But once you grasp the underlying idea, and it’s not that hard, then deciding which treatment will probably work for you is easy.

And when it works, you’ll know why.


Kinds of Phlegm

I explain the differences between the following kinds of phlegm:

  • damp phlegm
  • cold phlegm
  • hot phlegm
  • dry phlegm
  • … and … a common kind of phlegm that isn’t phlegm but just too much mucus, escaping because there’s nothing holding it back. I call this ‘fatigue’ phlegm.



Everything from neti jars to herbs is explained, taking in Vitamin C and hot drinks.

After you’ve read the book you’ll see why what works for one person won’t work for another.

Vitamin C ? good for wheezing?
Photo by Adam Śmigielski on Unsplash

Then, for each type of phlegm, I go through different ways to help it and show what doesn’t work. Herbs that are easily available are listed (though what is easily available in one country may be difficult to get in another, of course).

Where the original herb is difficult to obtain there are usually essential oils which work as well if not better.

However, in some cases essential oils should be taken only in a particular way, or not at all by, for example, women who are pregnant.

It’s all there.


More Serious Stuff

In Chinese medicine, Phlegm is a big subject and reckoned to underlie many serious conditions, by which I mean conditions that cause grave illness if not, potentially, death.

So there’s a short chapter (chapter 16) on that because it shows you how Chinese medicine is used in many situations where you might not think it relevant.

And, in a way, it’s a warning to try to maintain good health, because unless you have an inherited disease that is seriously debilitating, almost all of us have a choice over what we do, what and how we eat, and how we live.

If we get ill we may have been making the wrong choices.

If our illness hasn’t gone too far, by correcting our habits we may regain health again.

I think you might be amazed at what a few changes, and good treatment can do.

Even if you choose Western medicine, you may find that Chinese medicine, or its concepts, can back it up or reduce its ill-effects.


So if you have Yuck Phlegm!?

For information, the book Yuck Phlegm! is around

  • 50,000 words long, and 
  • 193 pages
  • The Kindle edition costs US $3.49 or equivalent.


There are no pictures – sorry, and only one small diagram.

I hope it’s easy to read. It’s meant to be useful.

It can be used for reference.

It will, I hope, help you see how Chinese medicine is intensely practical and, once you grasp the way it uses words, not that hard to get your head round.

(Although I admit some of the more complicated parts of the theory are less easy.)

The paperback costs US$7.87 or equivalent. I’m sorry it has to be so much!

But there are printing costs to pay, and I need to make a small profit to cover the time I’ve put into it.

Believe it or not, if you order a copy of “Yuck Phlegm!”, they’ll print it specially for you. They may print a few more copies eventually if the book does well, but in principal, each copy is newly printed!

Like it? Please Review it!

Yes! When you have read “Yuck Phlegm!”, please review it!

Of course, I hope your review will be constructive, if not positive, so others can decide if the book is for them.

Please put your review on Amazon or anywhere else prospective readers might look.

If you use the box below, do please say that I have your permission to publish what you say.


Got a criticism?

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If you have a criticism, I still want to know!

Then I can improve the book for the next person. You can reach me through the review box below. I won’t publish what you say without your express permission.

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