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Qi Stagnation Reviews

"I have one real comment I want to make.

I love the idea you have put in my head that Qi stagnation has a very positive attribute in that it represents a tremendous, banked up, potential power resource. We are generally so hung up on the downside of everything, especially when our bodies don't feel good.

You have transferred the idea that our dis-eases are a power bank, just waiting for us to release the dams, in order to fuel our dreams, AND - that figuring out how to let the Qi go could actually be FUN.

That is a pretty exhilarating idea! Therein lies the way towards health.

Perhaps your book will be one of the transformative agents which will set the world alight (Water fueling Wood, fueling Fire!) and get us all moving again."

Barbara (Ontario, Canada) Self-certified Amazon purchaser, in review contributed directly to this site - for her full comments see 'What Other Visitors Have Said' at bottom of this page.

A must read for good health of mind and body

This book explains the Chinese acupuncture model of the body clearly and simply. It is thorough, helpful and provides much food for thought, and many ways to improve health sensibly. Clearly the western world has much to learn from this system and it is a great shame so many western scientists, medics and governments actively seek to discredit it.

I would have liked a few diagrams in the book showing where the meridians are but this doesn't detract from its very well explained subject matter. I will recommend to anyone who wants to understand the body as an intricate energetic system which it truly is rather than a mechanical vehicle for big pharma.

By GJLeale on 21 October 2015 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Excellent Meridian Overview

An excellent book giving detailed insight into the workings of the meridians, explanations and suggestions for dealing with problems. Comprehensive and well written, easy to follow.

Very pleased I ordered this book. Next day delivery too. Brilliant service.

By CaroinDorset on 9 July 2015 Format: Paperback Amazon Verified Purchase

Five Stars - Qi Stagnation book

Nice book. I am studying herbalism & Chinese medicine so this is a nice addition to my other books.

By Teri Powell on May 30, 2015 Format: Paperback Amazon Verified purchase

"Excellent book. A must-read."

By anns      Kindle Edition Verified Purchase   on May 4, 2015

Highly Recommended

Great book. Very detailed and clear on the subject.  By J.A.Golden, Kindle Verified Purchase, 1 March 2015

This is a revelatory book, I highly recommend it!

Very informative for those who are under constant stress, or suffer grief, depression, and who have come to know an allopathic approach doesn't get to the psycho-organic dynamics of what's going on, and how to work on and with it.  

By Shango on December 2, 2014 Kindle USA Amazon Verified purchaser

Very interesting to anyone interested in Qi Stagnation

Blueflame "Grandmal" (UK verified purchaser 10 Jan. 2015)

Glad to have it in my library

Thank you, the book is very informative. Glad to have it in my library. By Olga Rodina - See all my reviews

12 Dec. 2014 UK verified purchaser (paperback edition.)

Great so far.

 Still reading it. Great so far. Easy to understand. 

By Ely Lc on November 23, 2014 USA Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Worth reading if you don't want to rely on drugs

"I'm a huge advocate of helping myself with any ails I have and have found that getting to the root problem rather than just suppressing the symptoms far more sustainable than just reaching for the paracetamol - read this book if you are of a similar mind or want to change the way you feel/are"

Nik Jones "starrytwin" (UK) 10 Dec 2014 Kindle Verified Purchase

 "Brilliant book for people who would like to know more about TCM. I was able to use the principles mentioned in this book to reverse and completely eradicate a lifelong chronic illness. The book is very empowering in the way that it helps you take responsibility of your own health and helps you diagnose yourself whenever you feel sick or simply under par and would like to get better. The author does a wonderful job of explaining traditional chinese medicine in simple terms so that it is available for people with no prior medical background."

Yavor Lazarov  17th May 2014 (Kindle Edition Verified Purchaser- Amazon.com))

"The clearest and most accessible book on the subject that I've ever read.  This book is a must for those who are embarking on a course of study of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medical Qigong. At last I have been able to visualise and understand concepts which are quite challenging for a Western mind. Great book!"

Liz 13th May 2014

"Very Interesting: I just started seeing an acupuncturist last week and was baffled why a few needles made such a difference in how I felt. I looked online to see if there was a book that could help explain how acupuncture worked and came across this one. It is well-written and easy to understand. I recommend it to anyone wanting to know how energy stagnation starts and how it affects your health."

sherry mcleod  7th May 2014 (Kindle verified purchaser - Amazon.com)

"It was so insightful to understand about my body/energy field, why I have those symptoms and ways to improve them. I could rate more stars than 5 if I may".

choongchang 26 April 2014 (Verified Purchaser)

Illuminating reading! the best answers to all of your digestive problems - Really worthy to buy it! Great explanation of many hidden symptoms, that regular doctors have no clue”

Elektra Perkins 15 March 2014 (Verified Purchaser)

Real information to understand and deal with stress For years I woke up at the same time almost every night with tensions in my legs. Then came the negative thoughts and the stress (mostly about work) and before I knew it I was lying awake for two hours in a row with the tensions keeping me awake. I tried many things of which some (applying magnesium om my skin, acupuncture) did make some difference. I also went to a world-famous anti-aging doctor and started taking bio-identical hormones: But still I kept waking up most nights between 3 and 5 AM with difficulties to fall asleep again and while the tensions were less they were still often there. Sometimes I did manage to fall asleep before 6, but more often, on weekend days, I could not sleep until 7 am, after which I could sleep fine. Something that also made me wonder: "How come these tensions just always disappear at the same time?" Very strange.

The lack of sleep did affect my work day and, because of not being well rested, my stress-related problems where aggravated (I had a burn-out in the past) ... continued below ..,

(Just a reminder about these Qi Stagnation Reviews: none of them come from paid reviewers. All have been kindly written by people who bought the book - or perhaps were given it -  and have now taken the trouble to contribute their opinions. At the time of writing this - May 2015 - neither the author nor publisher has sent the book for review.)

 (... continued from above ...)  This book very clearly explained exactly what my problem was: "Lung Qi stagnation". The Chinese Clock (appendix 5) left no doubt: from 3 am to 5 am is 'lung time'. And from 5 till 7 am the time of the related organ: the large intestine (second part of the metal phase). The author explained exactly what I was dealing with and came with many ways to 'cure' the problem. I have taken a few serious, particularly more physical exercise and breathing exercises, and for the first time in 6 years I sleep well most nights.

What I love about the book is that it clearly explains the causes of the problems and simple ways to deal with it. It does take some effort to really figure out what the main problem is (I also have some liver qi stagnation) but many recommendations are the same for different types of qi stagnation.

For me this book is absolutely priceless. And a nice side effect: I am now making regular physical exercise a priority in my life no matter how busy I am with work. Nice to know: the book has many other suggestions too for those that are not that much into sports.

Highly recommended for anyone suffering from stress-related problems!”

J. Buis "Jeroen Deva Geetesh" Nijmegen, Netherlands  2nd March 2014  (Verified Purchaser)

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