Qi Stagnation Reviews

People who’ve read my book are kindly writing what they think and you can read their opinions at Qi Stagnation Reviews.
Qi Stagnation by Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott

The following Qi Stagnation reviews are from people who having read my book kindly gave their opinions to help you decide whether to read it.

From direct communications it’s good to know that many practitioners and students of acupuncture also find it useful though it wasn’t really written for them!

Qi Stagnation is part of TCM theory  – the theory behind Chinese medicine.

Qi Stagnation Reviews

“I have one real comment I want to make.

I love the idea you have put in my head that Qi stagnation has a very positive attribute in that it represents a tremendous, banked up, potential power resource. We are generally so hung up on the downside of everything, especially when our bodies don’t feel good.

You have transferred the idea that our dis-eases are a power bank, just waiting for us to release the dams, in order to fuel our dreams, AND – that figuring out how to let the Qi go could actually be FUN.

That is a pretty exhilarating idea! Therein lies the way towards health.

Perhaps your book will be one of the transformative agents which will set the world alight (Water fueling Wood, fueling Fire!) and get us all moving again.”

Barbara (Ontario, Canada) Self-certified Amazon purchaser, in review contributed directly to this site – for her full comments see ‘What Other Visitors Have Said’ at bottom of this page.


Scholarship and Whimsical Humour

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