Conception Vessel 18, Ren-18 Yutang, Jade Hall

Conception Vessel Points

Conception Vessel 18, Ren-18, is the 18th point along the Conception Vessel, one of the so-called eight ‘extra-ordinary’ acupuncture channels.

The Conception channel runs up the middle-front of the body, starting from between the legs and ending in the mouth.



On the sternum mid-line, at the level of the third inter-costal space.



Transversely upwards or downwards, just under the skin. Up to 1 cun. (However, obtaining deqi isn’t easy, I find.)



Moxibustion: up to 5 cones.


ACTIONS of Conception Vessel 18

  • Opens the chest: asthma, cough, fullness in the chest
  • Descends uprising or rebellious Qi


This point, Conception Vessel 19 and 20, each has a different name.

However, they all do much the same, although perhaps their different names bestow important distinctions that I don’t properly understand.

Locally, they are helpful where patients feel stuffy or tight-chested, or where something swallowed is causing local pain or won’t go down.

  • Throat swelling or pain
  • Fullness in the chest
  • Pain in the chest
  • Anxiety arising from chest pain


Comment on Ren-18

Ren 18’s name is translated as ‘Jade Hall’ and refers to the space within the thorax occupied by the Lungs.

The Lungs have enormous importance in Chinese medicine. Through them we acquire Qi: we inspire and can be inspired, as when after climbing a mountain we get a different perspective on ourselves, our place in the world and in life.

So I think this point helps bring a deeper perspective and sense of ‘life’ to patients on whom I use it. Of course, its neighbouring point Conception Vessel 17, is such an important point that it may seem to overwhelm this point in terms of usefulness.

So I’ve sometimes used Conception Vessel 18 when I thought that someone’s health was good, their Qi was good, but their spirit was low.

Of course I used it with other points as well, so can’t be sure how effective it would be on its own.

But with the other points I used (often including Lung 2 and Large Intestine 6) it has appeared to give each patient on whom I’ve used the combination renewed interest in his life. 

That fits in well with the idea of Jade Hall, something (in this case, a place or space) of great value to the body.

If the energy in that space is harmonious and strong, so also will be that individual’s spirit.

To access other points on the Conception Vessel, click below:

Ren-1HuiyinYin Meeting Place
Ren-2QuguCrooked Bone
Ren-3ZhongjiUtmost Middle
Ren-4GuanyuanSource Gate
Ren-6QihaiSea of Qi
Ren-7Yin JiaoYin Intersection/td>
Ren-8ShenqueSpirit Palace Pathway
Ren-9ShuifenWater Separation
Ren-10XiawanLower Stomach Duct
Ren-11JianliEarthing Within
Ren-12ZhongwanUtmost Middle
Ren-13ShangwanUpper Stomach Duct
Ren-14JuqueGreat Palace Gateway
Ren-16ZhongtingCentral Hall
Ren-17ShangzhongMiddle of the Chest
Ren-18YutangJade Hall
Ren-19ZigongPurple Palace
Ren-20HuagaiFlower Covering
Ren-21XuanjiJade Pearl
Ren-22TiantuHeavenly Rushing
Ren-23LianquanClear Spring
Ren-24ChengjiangFluid Container


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