Conception Vessel 9: Ren-9 Shuifen

Conception Vessel Points

Conception Vessel 9 is the ninth point on the Conception Vessel, one of the ‘Extra-Ordinary’ acupuncture channels.

Location of Ren-9

1 cun above the centre of the umbilicus on the midline, the distance from the umbilicus to the sterno-costal notch being 8 cun.

Needling Shuifen

Vertically, up to 1.5 cun. Take care not to needle too deeply in thin people in case you pierce the peritoneal cavity.



Downards towards the urethra, as well as locally.


Moxa on Ren 9

Up to 15 cones.


ACTIONS of Shuifen, Conception Vessel 9

  • Stimulates the transformation of water in the body and abdomen
  • Regulates the action of the Intestines


Transformation of Damp and Phlegm

Used where there is too much fluid, and sometimes when there is too little, including Phlegm and Damp:

  • Fluid swellings or odema (often works better if used with moxa)
  • Water on the lungs
  • Pleurisy
  • Swellings
  • Water retention
  • Diuretic point
  • Diarrhoea
  • Nephritis
  • Where there is too much mucus, use with Bladder 20, for example.


Regulates the Intestines

  • Poor appetite
  • Abdominal swelling
  • Breathing problems from intestinal fullness
  • Vomiting from blockage of intestines
  • Acid regurgitation from intestinal fullness

Comments on Conception Vessel 9

I don’t usually needle this point on its own. I combine it with other points like Bladder 20.

However, moxa here on its own can be very effective, either with cones or with heat from a lighted ‘cigar’ of moxa punk.

Conception Vessel 9 is said to open the waterways between the Middle Jiao (the Middle ‘Burning Space’, being the space above the umbilicus level and below the diaphragm) and the Lower Jiao, (the abdominal space inferior to the level of the umbilicus).

It helps the body separate out the ‘clear’ from the ‘turbid’, and works well with the Lung and Colon channels, using points such as Lung 7 and Kidney 6. Another good combination for Damp is with Spleen 9 Yinlingquan.

In some ways, this is a diuretic point which means it helps you pee, so clearing Damp from the system. (Some patients need to access the toilet urgently after you use this point for them.)

Damp has many forms, one of which is mucus, and using this point with Bladder 20 helps to disperse it. 

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Ren-11JianliEarthing WithinRen-23LianquanClear Spring
Ren-12ZhongwanUtmost MiddleRen-24ChengjiangFluid Container


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